#MondayMotivation 016

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Happy Monday everyone!

Heading into a crazy busy week as I prep for my virtual launch event for my business 😀

So let’s get things started by really getting our bodies and our brains focused on the right mindset. It’s time to push yourselves out of our comfort zones and really #digdeep

30 seconds for each move,

Repeat 3-5 times !

Let me know what you think of it 🙂

#MondayMovement 015 :: Modified Sliders workout

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Happy Monday everyone!

I am totally inspired by the new program that I’ll be following in January to do more movements that use sliders, bands and loops!

So here’s a 3 move workout you can do with sliders, OR, if you’re like me and don’t have any just yet, with slippery socks 😀

3 moves 30 seconds each, 3 x round.

Let me know how you do !

#Winsday :: Tip #2 for an easier, more affordable lifestyle

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Easier and more affordable.

They’re nice words aren’t they.

They make us believe, even for a split second, as though this tip, this little nugget of information I’m about to share, it can actually make your life easier.

and the truth of the matter is it can.

But honey I can give you a motivational talk that will move you to tears,
I can prime you with every life hack and tip there is,
I can share with you everything I’ve learnt – and I will.

But that won’t make your life easier.

What will make it easier is when you put it into ACTION.

So go on, try this one this week and let me know how you fare:


Easy enough right?

Butternut Squash three ways:

Breakfast: Squash Burrito Bowl as inspired by Skinny Taste


Lunch: Leftover Spicy Red Lentil and Root Vegetable Soup as inspired by Domestic Gothess

Dinner: Butternut Squash and Courgette Pasta Bake as inspired by Slimming Eats



What base-food are you going to play with this week?

#MondayMovement 014

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Happy Monday everyone!

Here’s a great partner workout to help get you started this week!

As you can see, working out is often a time of community, but can also be lots of fun if you’re doing it right!!

So go on, grab your workout buddy, get ready to giggle and push yourselves!

45 seconds each move is one set (round) see how many you can do!


Launch your UK Fit Biz

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AHHHHH!!!! We’re launching in the UK October 18-23, 2017!!

This has been spinning around my head all week! How surreal is this! I am SO excited to be apart of this incredible launch and be a #ukfoundingcoach !! (Happy Dance)

For anyone new to this ‘launch your fit biz’ stuff here’s a quick recap:

Since working for TBB I’ve:

  • Retired from teaching (yes, I’m in my early 20s and I’ve retired from the career I went to school to pursue!)
  • I’ve earned myself a trip to Costa Rica with several other teammates (WHAAATTT!?)
  • I’ve gotten in the best shape of my life! Check it out here!
  • I’ve truly found my people…. you know the ones who just GET YOU, no fakeness, no niceties, just real; sweatyselfies, and messy hair – don’t – care kinda love
  • I’ve repaid more of my student loan then I’ve been able to while teaching!
  • I’ve helped over 80 men and women create SUSTAINABLE, totally DOABLE and life changing habits that have allowed them to reconnect with themselves and empower them to live where they appreciate and are confident in their body!
  • AND I’ve started saving money for the ‘Caravan Home’ fund I’ve always dreamed of!

So needless to say, this gig is pretty freaking awesome!

So here’s the deal!

I’m looking for men and women who are:

  • looking to add some financial freedom into their lives by working from home… or ANYWHERE with WiFi access!
  • tired of having to put on the corporate face when they’d much rather walk around in their slippers, oversized sweaters and messy hair don’t care hanging with their kiddos or furbabies
  • individuals who believe in the power of team work and are ready to help inspire, motivate and empower other men and women
  • Passionate and driven to live life by their own design
  • Proud and excited to be a part of a community that is truly about changing the world and empowering people to reconnect with their bodies and find their inner strength

Basically, I’m looking for some inspired people who are ready to break free of the normal Monday-Friday work grind and start living a life that ignites their passion and drives them to want to celebrate and pay it forward to others!

Why is next week so big?

NEXT week, October 18-23 2017, 6 of my fellow coaching teammates will be flying from North America to join me here in the UK.


Because we’re hosting TWO Launch your Fit Biz workshops and photoshoots to help our new UK coach family launch their Team Beach Body fitness and wellness business!

We know how daunting it can be to start a business, especially if you’re no expert – fear not! That’s why we’re taking the time to meet with you, connect with you, and prep you so you’re ready to be a forerunner in this MASSIVE business opportunity.

Plus! The business is all about SHARING your own fitness and nutrition journey, so it doesn’t require a special skill set other than to be passionate, motivated, and eager to see some change (both physically, mentally, and financially!!)

So here’s the low down:

1. Go all in and sign up at the launch- there’s no risk anyway with a 30 day money back guarantee and no contract!
The worst that could happen is that you get incredibly fit, try something new that you might love, and make some new friends from across the pond!
** Coach enrollment is 160 pounds and includes 30 days of Shakeology superfood smoothie, 1 year of All Access Beachbody On Demand workout library, portion control color coded containers and system.

–> COMMENT COACH if interested in more info!
2. Sign up as a coach (above) AND attend the UK founding coach workshop and photoshoot our team is offering for FREE in Birmingham on the 19th or London on the 22nd: lovelearnthrive.com/ukfitbiz

–> COMMENT COACHLND or COACHBIRM if you’re interested in more info!
3. Meet up with the US/Canadian team coming for the launch in Birmingham or London but just to hear more about coaching in person and do a group workout. lovelearnthrive.com/ukfitbiz

–> COMMENT INTERESTED if you’re keen to hear more and find out when and where we’re meeting.
4. Join our online Coach Life Apprenticeship where you can basically test coaching out for 7 days. Our team will give you 7 days of social media training and challenges so you can see what coaches really do to build a business. busygirlssociety.com/coachlife

–> COMMENT APPRENTICE to find out more info and be added to the private group!

You have nothing to lose or risk by doing any of these options- but EVERYTHING to gain. I am SO excited for you to unlock yourself from the Monday-Friday grind and truly start living a life that fuels your passions!

Any questions please email me here: passionintoaction@gmail.com


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While doing some research on the various ways D and I can both declutter our lives, and start making some changes that will allow us to reach our financial goals, I’ve come to realise that this change is very similar to that of a health or lifestyle change.

Every month I host online health and fitness challenges that focus on fitness and nutrition. During prep week I discuss the importance of identifying your #whypower which essentially translates into:

Why do you want to create a healthier lifestyle?
What will you gain from being more physically fit?
More nutritionally satisfied?
More educated on your body and how it should feel when it works at it’s optimum level?

By identifying your why, making a change becomes more manageable because you know what the long term goal is. So challengers write this down, and post it somewhere they will see it everyday or can call upon it when they’re feeling less motivated.

The same idea is throughout the many blogs and sites I’ve explored on minimalism and living frugally.

We must know WHY we are doing something, making a change, if we want it to be sustainable. By writing it down, it becomes something we can refer back to when things get tough or less desireable.

What’s my why?

I am de-cluttering my life to no longer be weighed down by materialistic possessions. I seek adventure, discovery, and freedom and know that my life in a van will not be able to happen if I’m weighed down by all of this stuff.

I want to truly uncover what means the most to me, and what truly gives me joy – not what I bought because I was under the impression that it would bring me joy.

By de-cluttering I’m giving myself permission to be more selective and take my time with purchases. Permission to be choosy with what I buy to make sure it truly fits my purpose is a great feeling of ownership and pride.

De-cluttering will also mean less frivolous spending on products that dissolve quickly into the mass of STUFF. Hence stopping the rise in clutter, but also in slowing my bank from draining.

I want to focus on long term happiness versus the fleeting moment of excitement at the till.

What’s your #whypower?

#Winsday :: Tip #1 for an easier, more affordable lifestyle

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Many of you know that D and I are in the process of cleaning out excess stuff, and trying to get a handle on our finances so we can maximize where we spend our money.

We’re both ambitious.
We’ve got some BIG goals.

Originally, I’d say they were BIG dreams, but since we’ve sat down and had a chat about how we can make small changes to see a great deal of reward, we’re now in the GOAL stage because we’ve set a plan!!

How exciting is that !?

I love when dreams become goals…. the only difference is whether you have a plan or not.

So while we’ve been planning, I’ve been making note of things that have really helped us so I can share them with you!

#Winsday tip #1:

This one is going to seem like a no brainer…. but it’s SO easy to overlook; so I’ll add it here as a friendly reminder to the both of us!


Here’s our menu this week :

meal plan for trial (2)

By knowing this before we even head to the grocery store, we can plan a shopping list that looks like this

Meal plan shopping list for October 1 – 5

Produce (1)

As mentioned before (here!), I’m obsessed with the Fixate program that helps me to visually see the food groups I’m putting on my plate. It’s allowed me to ensure I’ve covered all food groups so I’m getting a mix of proteins, carbs, healthy fats, and micro-nutrients!

If you’re looking for some help in making meal plans, finding recipes, or adding in some dense nutrition into your life, contact me here.



Disconnect to Reconnect

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This summer I took David to one of my favourite spots in the world -Manitoulin Island. What started off as a dreary, bleak day with promise of nothing but rain turned into a day of great views, sunshine, adventure, conversation… the list goes on.

How much I love the outdoors

I was reminded on this particular day the importance of stepping outside and breathing in the fresh air.

It’s not that I haven’t done this lately, it’s just that I don’t think I’ve taken the opportunity to appreciate all that it does for me.

Being outside, in the wide open spaces makes me feel FREE

It’s often where my thoughts are the most grandiose, creative, and focused on problem-solving

I feel consumed by the beauty, strength and intricacies of the world rather than fearful of all the bad we’re told by the news.

and most importantly for me,

It’s often where I find calm of mind – which for someone who is often plagued with racing thoughts and too many What Ifs to count, having a still mind is magic.


So if you haven’t gone out in a while, or if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed be it by work, or life, or decisions that are up and coming, take the time to go out. Surround yourself by greenery, listen to the birds, TOUCH the soil with your toes.

Disconnect so you can reconnect with your self.

You’ll be surprised by the answers you already have to your problems, you just need to be able to listen.




I feel like a butterfly floating from one thing to the next

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I’ve always loved butterflies; I find them magical, beautiful, intricate, and a real treat if one lands near by.

To be like a butterfly on the other hand, not so much.

Lately I feel like I’ve been all over the place; I can’t sit down for long, I’m flighty and forgetting things like turning off the oven, or dates I’ve planned with people, I leave a room to have to reenter to do what I went in there for originally.

It’s getting bad you guys!

It’s not magical, beautiful nor a real treat!

So what’s the deal?

I am SO grateful that my coaching friend, Ash, suggested that our team read a book called Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson because it has honestly been my saving grace.

It sounds silly to start blaming loss of memory and lack of focus on sleep. I know it does.

But I’ve learnt a lot listening to this book:

Did you know that:

Sleep affects not only productivity, but also weight management and overall health?

Yes of course you did. Most of us do.

But did you know it’s because when you don’t sleep, or you have poor quality sleep, your brain sends a signal that tells you it needs glucose to function properly; thinking, idea creation, social control, judgement, etc And what’s the quickest way to get glucose into your body?

Starchy, carbohydrates like doughnuts, cakes, and cookies OH MY!

So what could have prevented your late night snacking, your crazy overwhelming cravings, and yes, your flighty brain and lack of focus?


Next time you catch yourself craving a sugary sweet:
stop, breathe, and think: have I been sleeping properly lately?
if the answer is no, then you should join me in my FREE ONLINE health group and learn about how to Sleep Smarter so you can avoid those bad judgement calls.


Reflecting on the No Spend week


So tomorrow brings the close to my first No Spend Week as inspired by Melissa McGagh and her No Spend Year!

Goodness! I thought it would be super duper easy, and not at all a challenge.

While on the whole, it wasn’t really a big deal, it definitely made some days more difficult than others.

The tough bit

Since starting up as an online health and wellness coach , D and I have been spending a lot more time going to various cafes in town. Which has been GREAT. It gets us both out of the house, provides a stimulating environment, and helps us separate work-life from home-life.

The trouble is, who walks into a cafe and buys nothing? No one!
Who walks into a cafe and has the will power to saying no to their home-made-deliciously-yummy-oh-so-tempting cakes!? No one!

So we either went in, and ordered water which was cheeky to say the least, or I spent a lot more time working at home. And when it came to the cake bit… I had to use a lot of will power, and ended up baking way more than usual.

On the flip side,

doing this No Spend Week has been fun as it’s given D and I the want to be more flexible with our schedules.

While we normally don’t go out during the week as D is up at 5am (and I’m slowly starting to repair my sleep pattern to join him), we’ve managed to sneak in a few mid-week dates that we likely wouldn’t have done before – but because they were free and we were keen to stay on track and not be tempted to walk to GoGos for some yummy cocktails… we went!

That free event was a motivational talk about an Autistic Person’s journey through life, and how they have succeeded not despite being autistic but BECAUSE they are so.

It was incredibly inspiring, and a great way to spend the evening.

The takeaway

So I’ve gone through the bank statements…. and I don’t see anything.

What do you mean? You avoided 3 hot beverages, the urge to shop and go get a leather jacket AND a pair of jeans, you said no to the yummy-delicious cakes, you didn’t go to GoGos for cocktails…. You’ve saved tons this week!

Only… I didn’t, not really. I didn’t save anything because I didn’t put any money aside to be put into savings. I’ve just left it in my bank, and put off these things to spend money on until next week.

The adjustment

It’s time I get real.

If I want to reach my financial goals then I have to start making some real changes – not just putting off those small purchases for a week; that won’t make a real difference.

I’ve spoken to many people about it, and I’ve done quite a bit of research and here’s what I’ve found and what I plan to do:

  1. Have a weekly budget
  2. Work with cash only – let’s you see the money physically depleting
  3. When it’s gone, it’s gone!
  5. While I’m going through and recycling/getting rid of a lot of our stuff, see what I can sell, and take the time to put it up.
  6. Whatever is leftover at the end of the week goes STRAIGHT into a savings account
  7. Have automatic withdrawals from your main account to your various savings
  8. Put up a board of what you’re saving for so you don’t lose sight

And most importantly of all, Remember:

Buying something new, yes, will give you a thrill; but it will not bring you happiness, not long lasting happiness any way. So ask yourself before you purchase, is it a NEED or is it a WANT?


I’m dying to hear what you’ve done to help you save x

Happy saving.

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#MondayMovement 012 :: #Kitchenworkout

If I’ve learnt anything recently, it’s that size doesn’t depict functionality.
No jokes here !
Just because a room is smaller doesn’t mean it limits your ability to work out, get a good sweat on, nor to build strength, endurance, and muscle.
It’s all about how creative you can get, and how motivated you are to see results.
Don’t let circumstance define your success.


Want to join me in a monthly challenge group and lose 3-5lbs in just 4 weeks, message me here and we’ll get you on the right path to SUSTAINABLE health using fitness, nutrition and accountability!

Good luck 😀

What the F*od?

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The world of nutrition is not only vast, but constantly changing as more research and studies are carried out.

I mean from Gogi Berries being the best thing since sliced bread, to the debate over coconut oil, to the controversial yo-yo debate of gluten; finding a meal plan that not only works for you, but is also affordable, manageable, AND time friendly seems like nothing short of a miracle!

Plus if we add in the TIME factor associated with food – when to eat certain things, and at what time, well that is just a whole other level.

So my plan is to add some graphics that I’ve researched and/or created over time so we can gain some confidence with our meal plans – because let’s be honest – it really shouldn’t be stressful to fuel our bodies.

*When in doubt follow these three rules:

  1. always eat a breakfast filled with lean proteins, carbs and vegetables
  2. always refuel your body within 1 hour of working out
  3. if it’s colourful, it’s usually healthier (fruit and veg!)

*Bonus one: an apple in the morning is worth it’s weight in gold, an apple in the afternoon is worth it’s weight in silver, an apple in the evening is worth it’s weight in bronze. IE: eat carbohydrates (fruits, and sugars) before the afternoon for them to be used more readily by the body as fuel.


best pre workout foot

Pinned from Pinterest, provided by InKIN

And better yet: depriving your body of food in the hopes of losing weight is counter-productive.

Think of your body as an infant; we have to teach it how to metabolise and create fuel from the food we give it.

So if you feed it consistently, it’ll be happy and quickly learn how to feed itself without your help ie: your metabolism will work well, digesting food appropriately and converting it into energy and not storing it as fat

But if you feed it sporadically and a variety of non-real food things, it won’t have any idea what to do with what you’re giving it, and will not be able to work properly!


Choose a variety of colour foods to fuel your body consistently, especially at breakfast and after a workout in order to achieve maximum results!

#MondayMovement 005

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Happy Monday all!

Hope you’re day is brilliant – here’s 3 full-body movements that’ll get you starting your week off on the right foot 😀

1- Grass Picker: *Knees not passed the toes, chest up, hamstrings parallel to ground.

2- Square Jumps: *Hurdle requires high knees and using your arms to help you with momentum; hops require landing softly with bent knees

3- Plank Hops: *Stack your shoulders on top of your wrists, nice tight core and glutes, weight through the toes


Have fun and let me know how it goes!

Find your tribe

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Find a group who will push you, encourage you, support you, motivate you. Find your tribe.


In November I decided one of my goals was to do a handstand… My last video was in June, and I still had trouble kicking up to David’s patient hands.

Fast forward to the last week of July (I haven’t practised since my last attempt in June) when I spent 5 days at my Inspire camp with a group of children who were OBSESSED with gymnastics AND who knew my goal.

Within a day, I was able to kick off on my own.
By the end of the week I had both feet going in the air!

And now, with only a few extra days of practice I’m much stronger and much more confident.

If you watch my story, you’ll see that I still haven’t managed to hold myself up there for more than a split second, and I’m not completely straight yet,

But you guys the progress is what matters!! And honestly – without that week of being surrounded by people obsessed with my goal, supportive of my level, happy and encouraging, I doubt I’d be sitting here proudly sharing this progress picture with you.

Your tribesmen/tribeswomen are YOUR kinda people. The ones who acknowledge your goals, see the power in them, and help you to stay obsessed and motivated when you otherwise aren’t sure you’d be able to.

Team work makes the Dream work 

Have you found your tribes-people yet? If there’s anything I can do – let me know 😀

Don’t Forget the Basics

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Since becoming an at home boss-lady I’ve found myself slipping on really important things.

For instance, yesterday I had breakfast, a small snack, then NOTHING until after 8pm. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAATTT!!!??

Now I mean not to be dramatic – I eat… a lot! and consistently. And so to go more than a few hours without eating is not only alarming but so gotta change!

Rules to being an at home boss-lady (version 1)

  1. Still meal prep – you’re going to be busy so if you meal prep, you’ve still got a nutritious, yummy meal for lunch!
  2. Don’t wake up and IMMEDIATELY check your phone – big NONO! Find a routine that works for you – at the moment I love waking up, stretching, then reading for a bit
  3. Don’t just sit there….. all… day! I know you’re busy girl, but you gotta move!
  4. GO outside. You have the ability to work from anywhere! Don’t get house-tied and stay in at all times
  5. Drink more and more and more water. Drink lots. Don’t stop Drinking
  6. Monitor the screen time. Just because your phone’s blowing up doesn’t mean you need to be glued to it 24/7
  7. Start each day with intent: Give yourself a priority to do list and get those done FIRST. Then take a break. If you feel like it or you have the time, then tackle the rest. Otherwise you’ll never stop, and that’s NOT the point!
  8. If your man has a 2 hour lunch break and is sitting at a cafe reading… thank yourself for taking this very courageous step, and go spend some time with that handsome stud ❤

What about you? Any other thoughts or rules you have in place for remembering to stay focused and productive?? I’d love to hear them 😀


Emotionally Charged

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‘Will she come back?’

Immediately tears fell from my eyes as my worst nightmare was realised.

Ever since I can remember I’ve had people telling me that there are two sides of me;
1- the fun, outgoing, confident, empowering, loving, HAPPY side,
2- the quiet, reserved, closed off, cold, distant, unapproachable side.

This week I’ve slowly turned into the latter Sarah-Lynn.

Now I’m going to be honest, I’ve been to therapy to talk to someone about this, because in a particularly bad relationship I was convinced that I was ill: that I was mentally unstable and in need of serious help and medication.

The diagnosis: I’m human! I’m going to experience different moods, feelings, and emotions!

The truth

It’s taken a long time to reclaim my life from that bad relationship, and  an even longer time to rebuild my self-awareness.

Humans are blessed with the double-edged sword of being able to feel numerous emotions at any one time – sometimes even experience more than one emotion at once!

emotional range

The Emotions:

Depending on which research you go with, there are 7 human emotions that are considered ‘root emotions’  (some say 4, 6, 8… it’s hard to get to a consensus on something so personal)

  1. Joy/happiness
  2. Anger
  3. Surprise
  4. Trust
  5. Grief
  6. Fear
  7. Love

By looking at this list I’m reminded that as a complex being I’m bound to have a range of emotions, and I’m going to exhibit an array of them as circumstances around me develop and change.

Regaining Control

The thing is, emotions are subjective. You may feel strongly about something that someone else does not; You may feel the need to cry after Dunkirk in a packed movie theatre because you’re overcome by the grief, and pride, and pain, and glory; You might become overwhelmed by a never ending to-do list and a deadline that’s racing closer.

You’re going to hit rocky points where things just seem unbearable.

You’re going to face hardship, and heartbreak, and grief, and fear, and uncertainty, and embarrassment; you’re going to feel it all.

And that’s okay.

It’s okay.

It’s okay to feel emotion.

It’s okay to feel so happy you want to cry,

So excited you have butterflies,

So in love you can’t stop smiling

It’s okay.

The lesson

The lesson here, is that emotions are internal, and we control them. We choose to feel an emotion, and let it shape our perceived reality.

So feel your emotions, but don’t let them take control.

If you’re feeling stressed take a breath, do something that makes you refocus your energy, smile even though you feel fake and goofy, and talk to someone or journal it out.

You are stronger than your emotions.

They do not control you, they help you perceive the world – the key word is HELP.

If your emotions are not helping you, you need to choose a different emotion so you can move forward.

It’s not about ignoring emotions that bring us pain.

It’s about acknowledging them, feeling into them (time appropriate), thanking them for reminding you of what you stand for, and letting go.

It’s only then we can become stronger and realise that you have the power to change any bad day into a good day.



The Passion Project

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As summer holidays are upon us, and I’m finally not working 3 jobs, I have some free time on my hands (!!!!!!!!)

While I’m not completely off, in fact I’m currently starting a business launch, I want to see what it would be like if I planned, every day, for some time to do something I’m passionate about, or curious about.

This past week at the Inspire camp I was running, there was a group of girls who did gymnastics every single day. As they knew that I have a goal to be able to do handstands, I was quickly roped into joining in. Before long, I was able to kick up with both feet, toes pointed, and together – I just wobbled at the top and tumbled. But even this! This was a HUGE improvement! Prior to ‘gymnastics club’ I was nervous to even kick up by myself.

The inspiration

So then I started thinking, if I can improve this much in one week through consistent practice because i’m surrounded by like-minded, supportive and gymnsastic-crazed individuals, I wonder what else I can get done!

So I’m on the hunt for cool, exciting and new groups to join and trial.

I have three weeks before I jet-set back to Canada for a month so I’m ready to pack in as much of this Passion Exploration time as possible!

Stay tuned for an updated list and watch this space to see how my journey unfolds!

xo Sarah-Lynn

Busting the I Don’t Have Time Excuse

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Just a quick note on how I’m working to bust the “I have no time” excuse when it comes to health and fitness. I’d love to hear what you do!!

“I have no time”

I’ve used it before.
I’m sure you’ve used it before.

We all have!

Why? Because at the end of the day, prioritising other people is something that humans naturally do. So often, our own health falls to the wayside as we expend our energy helping others, ticking other people’s boxes and getting them further ahead. And at the end of the day, we are left with no energy or motivation for ourselves. Thus, it’s easier just to start off with an “I don’t have time” excuse rather than put it on the never ending list and never see it get crossed off.

The catalyst:

Last term I was juggling quite a bit from normal teaching responsibilities, to tutoring, training for my first Boxing tournament, working at a gym…. honestly the list sometimes felt endless, and the days dragged long into the evening hours when dinner was sometimes eaten at 10pm.

During this time, I was an avid user of this “I don’t have time” excuse.
Luckily, because my motivation to train for the boxing tournament was stronger than my exhaustion, I usually managed to pull through.

But I won’t always have a boxing tournament I’m training for to push me to train regardless of feeling lethargic and only having eyes for my pillows.

So what can I do to stay active and not get caught up in a crazy-train downward spiral….

“oh no, what have I done!? This fitness break was only meant to be for a few days, but it’s been months since I’ve trained properly and I feel like I’ve lost all of my progress, and now I’m embarrassed to go back because the front desk receptionist will note that she hasn’t seen me in a while and ask if I’ve been on holiday, and when I go to pick up my normal weight, it’ll be so heavy it’ll rip my arm off, and no – it really is just best that I not work out today – I can’t face this today”


Sound familiar or is it just me???

Using your weakness

But then I realised something. I hate letting other people down (It’s why prioritising someone else’s deadlines and tasks is often easier than staying committed to myself and my health)

But by realising this, I was able to use it to my advantage. So I made plans nearly everyday to workout with someone. Sometimes it was boxing related and it was attending the training class, sometimes it was sparring, and other times it was just to have a training session with Mr. T because we hadn’t trained together in awhile.

But by having someone counting on me to show up, I was much better prepared to pull up my socks, splash some water in my face, and get on with it!

Requirement: I need help staying accountable, motivated and committed.

Action Plan: Join classes and online fitness accountability groups (more on these amazing life changers coming!!)

Get competitive

Another trick I’ve developed is becoming competitive with myself. 

Before I left University I was able to do clapping pressups… You know the one where you start in plank, go down into a press up then spring into the air and clap your hands…. Ya that one!!
But as the old adage goes, if you don’t use it, you lose it.

And by the time I moved to England I couldn’t even do 1 press up.

Talk about a knock to the self-confidence.

But instead of letting it get to me (for too long), I used this as a challenge.

And every morning, I would get out of bed and immediately drop to the floor – I kid you not, usually my eyes were half-closed – and do as many push ups as possible.

At first, I struggled for one.

then 2.

then 5.

and gradually, I could do more and more!

And guess who can do the clapping push up again! That’s right.

So it doesn’t take ALOT.


A little bribery goes a long way

I have a confession:

I love leggings. It’s a true addiction, I just can’t help it! I love how comfortable they are and I love how great a new pair of leggings truly makes me feel fierce and confident which translates into my training!

But who needs 17 pairs of leggings if you don’t USE them properly.
So I’ve started a system. It may sound silly, but it’s totally working!

It’s the classic dangling a carrot act which means I’m showing myself something really appealing in order to motivate myself…

So because I’m doing a 3-week programme, I wrote 21 – 1 down the side of a page that sits near my bedside. Every day that I complete a workout, I cross off the day. It’s like a Christmas Calendar because every day I’m working out, I’m getting closer to earning money towards a new pair of leggings!!

So day one is 5.00 because it’s a tough thing to do, to start! Then I’ve assigned different denominations to each day depending on my schedule. For example Thursdays and Saturdays are really busy for me, so those days are worth more than a Monday – But every day counts because the end goal is to have as much money as possible to go towards a new pair of leggings!

And you know what, I’ve earned two pairs of leggings in the last 2.5 months because I’ve managed to stick to my routine and stay accountable. So it’s clearly working1

Action Plan

Now moving forward, I know that busy days are going to be a reality, and sometimes I literally won’t have the time. But my plan is

A) to stay as proactive as possible by scheduling myself into online accountability                   groups, classes, and workouts with friends.

B) to challenge myself with a movement every week and complete it every
morning as soon as I wake up before I tackle anything else.

C) to invest in myself – If a physical article is what my brain needs to get me into my running shoes and pushing play on my workout video every day, then I’m okay with that. Because I know that like my body, my mind needs to be trained too. 

And if I’m honest, I don’t want to deal with the guilt and stress that comes to me from not working out. I’d much rather know that I have a system set in place that gives me peace of mind that I’m still putting myself and my health first every day  – even if that means waking up and dancing to a few songs before I go eat.

Consistency is the secret to Success.

What’s your way of staying consistent!?

xo Sarah-Lynn




I have a Dream

Fitness, Freedom, health, Nutrition, Self-Love

I have a dream.

I have a dream that every child will have equal opportunity to be educated on how to improve our mental health.

I have a dream that every child will have equal opportunity to be educated on good, wholesome, unbiased nutrition habits.

I have a dream that every child will have equal opportunity to be educated on how to be critical thinkers and imaginative doers.

I have a dream that every child will learn beyond curriculum standards and more about life.

I have a dream.

I’m on a journey to making it happen.


In September I took a month off of teaching and invested my time in creating Inspire, a project that teaches children about mental, physical and emotional well-being through Art, Cookery, Yoga/Sport, Performing Arts, and Science.

It’s been an uphill battle but it’s been so worth it.

This week I am leading a Summer Camp that includes:

  • painting canvases
  • making no-bake energy balls (recipe to follow)
  • creating dance routines
  • obstacle courses
  • balloon animal making
  • Tie-Dying

and so much more!

I’m over the moon with this opportunity to share in these moments and provide children with the opportunity to learn and grow as communicators, problem solvers, critical thinkers, doers, and leaders.

You don’t have to be an expert to make an impact.
Just start.
Results will follow.

What are you doing this week that’s towards your goals??

xo Sarah-Lynn