Pack Right!

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Nothing beats the exhilaration that simply takes over once you hit PURCHASE and you get an email confirming your flight.

Honestly, I’m getting goose-bumps just thinking about it…… Climbing mountains in Sweden….. Machu Pichu in Peru…. The Mayan Riviera….. Picking almonds and grapefruit-sized lemons from trees in Corfu…. Eating freshly caught seafood……

ariel daydreaming

Breathe Sarah-Lynn, You’ll be boarding a flight in no time.

Right, back to business.

So you’re there, super excited that you’re soon jet-setting to a different location to meet really cool and interesting people, to explode your Instagram and Facebook up with, and let’s be honest, to get another stamp in your passport (I love those things!!)

And amidst all this excitement and glee, you forget the most taxing part of travel: PACKING !! Dun Dun Dunnnn

I know, I know, “if I forget about it for long enough, then it’s not really an issue because I’ll literally just shove stuff in a bag and make do when I get there. Right?”

Well okay, there is that method….


There’s also my method!

pick me im fun

Now I’m going to go ahead and boast, because it’s worked wonders every time, and something I’ve honestly been (unknowingly) perfecting since I was little.

But it’s not for the faint of heart.

It’s not for the flimsy whimsical soul.

And it’s not for the don’t got sock, bras, or under – Don’t Care kinda gal either.

sassy no

This method is for those of us know they always forget something.

Those of us who hate having to wear the same outfit over and over because they’ve packed awkward things that don’t really go.

Or even, those of us who knows what it feels like to have forgotten to bring a bathing suit on holiday and got stuck buying a touristy floral one piece.

This method is for the people like me, who want to go on holiday knowing full well that they are prepared; prepared for weather and activities. And who want to show off some of their favourite outfits.

So, I assume that’s you because you’re still here, SO let’s begin.

take note gif

Step 1 Researching the climate

Let’s just go ahead and put this one out there. There is absolutely no such thing as sure weather anymore. (Thank you Global Warming).

Because of this, we need to be on our A-game and checking it out for ourselves. Plus, I love amping myself up for a holiday by checking the weather forecast:

-40 Celsius in Toronto, Canada —————————- +32 Celsius in Dominican Republic


Step 2 The Gathering

Once you know what kind of weather to expect, I want you to go through all your drawers, and closets, and bags, and boxes, and whatever you hold your clothes in, and I want you to pull out EVERYTHING that can be worn in that weather.

I know…. For some of you, that can take days…. You know I’m talking about you, miss has her closet set across three bedrooms!

There is reason to this madness though – by pulling out all of the clothes, you can then start to sort and categorize. And plus, seeing everything laid out always reminds me of what I actually HAVE as an option to wear, and helps me to get super creative with how I mix and match.


Step 3 The Colour Scheme

Once you’re done celebrating about all this new clothes that you completely forgot you had, or didn’t realise could be matched together to make a killer outfit, it’s time to get serious.

One of my biggest secrets for packing light is choosing a COLOUR SCHEME.

I know we’re not decorating a house, don’t get all judgy!

I’m serious, a colour scheme is a saving grace in making sure that EVERYTHING, if not, close to everything, will be able to mix and match.

So, you can either go by what’s in season, or by what you have the most of in your closet, OR

You can do my personal favourite: Choose one piece of your outfit that you FOR SURE want to bring with you, and base the colour scheme off that.


blue and floral

Bournemouth’s Colour Scheme: Blues and Floral!


Step 4   The Fashion Show

We can all put together a few solid outfits from our closet, but did you know there are at least 50 other outfits in there that are just WAITING for you to discover!

So go on! Get creative with how you put things together:

LAYER! Colour match! Put a sweater on top and a short skirt on the bottom!

Be creative, and you’ll be rewarded.

Step 5    The Purge

Right, now, here comes the difficult part.

If you’re anything like me, which I assume by the fact you’re still reading this – you are! Yay! Than you’ll find this next bit to be challenging.

See, after a good fashion show, I’ve fallen in love with my closet again. I can see new combinations, I can imagine new ways to wear things, and I’m like YES! My closet rules!

And the difficult bit is deciding what to pack and what to leave………………….. hanging……………….. all alone in your wardrobe…………. Sniff……………. like an orphaned child……………Oooohh the horror!

So this is where my next secret weapon comes into play. The List.

The List.

**I also have a moving overseas list that I’ve used myself when I moved to England!!  Stay tuned!**

Step 6 Obeying the list

This last and final step is exactly as it says: OBEY THE LIST.

Nothing more, Nothing less.

Obeying the list is crucial to not OVERPACKING (think: you want to TRAVEL not LUG around your wardrobe).


And that’s it! Tick everything off your list, ROLL your clothes (it saves space and won’t crease!) Stuff your shoes with socks and under garments, and you’re good to go!

Happy packing, and even more relaxing trips!


xo Sarah-Lynn

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