No Ego in Fitness

Fitness, Freedom, Self-Love

Today, Mr. T and I took the opportunity of being in Devon to head to the beach for our workout.
When I got there, I was mesmerized by the view – I truly love it here!

I suggested that we do some workout videos that I could post as I’m working on a new blog series (yay!!).

After what felt like the 50th attempt, I still wasn’t satisfied.

The video looked…… well I still can’t explain what I didn’t like…. but it didn’t match the vision I had in my head.

So I was admittedly becoming quite frustrated.

Why couldn’t I look graceful, strong, powerful; jump higher, chest up straighter, do things quicker….

And before long, my beautiful experience at the beach was taking a downward turn. I was so wrapped up in my negative self-talk that I started to forget where I was, and how lucky I was to be there, and how I should be celebrating the fact that I have a body that I’ve taken care of and am training to push boundaries.

Then, it hit me.

Well, more so, I hit the sand. Face first.

I didn’t want to leave with videos I wasn’t convinced were “perfect”, so I suggested doing  the crow-plank combo I’ve been working on.

Well, within moments of putting myself into formation, I was lying flat on the ground, face in sand.

Immediately, I burst out laughing.

And then I realised…. no matter how hard you practice, your body will always have good and bad days, strengths and weaknesses.

So, on Monday, I’m going to post the movement videos regardless because a) the movements make a good tabata option, are challenging in their own right; and b) because if I’m going to preach about going after my passions, regardless of how difficult or silly or how sandy I get, then I’m going to post these videos – even the imperfect ones… because in their own way, they are perfect in capturing where I am right now.

**Stay tuned for the posting of this epic fail, on #FailFridays




3 thoughts on “No Ego in Fitness

  1. Hey! I found your blog as I am also a fellow teenager and love your writing style! I will definitely be following along for more 🙂
    I recently started my own blog to do with my own mental health so if you could check that out and maybe share it and offer any tips on blogging that would be so appreciated.
    Hope you’re well, Amy xx


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