I personally find Mondays difficult to feel inspired. I’m usually daydreaming about the weekend…  So, I figured to help my creative juices flowing, I’d make a blog series dedicated to Movement on Monday!

This sequence is great to add into a tabata session, really gets the heart pumping, opens your hip-flexors and, perhaps most importantly, it engages your Booootayy!

Movement 1:   2 Jump Squats
* point your toes when you jump,
* land on toe to heels
*chest up!

Movement 2:   2 Jump lunges on each leg
* knee and foot in line with your hip
* land on your toes, push through your heels
* chest up!

Movement 3:   2 side to side pogo jumps on each leg
* Explode by pushing through your toes
* Bend knees to take the impact
* Heels never tough ground

Do this in a 30 second on, 30 second rest sequence for 5 minutes.

And the best bit – it’s adaptable to YOUR fitness level.

What’s your favourite movement this week??

Happy jumping!


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