Don’t Forget the Basics

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Since becoming an at home boss-lady I’ve found myself slipping on really important things.

For instance, yesterday I had breakfast, a small snack, then NOTHING until after 8pm. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAATTT!!!??

Now I mean not to be dramatic – I eat… a lot! and consistently. And so to go more than a few hours without eating is not only alarming but so gotta change!

Rules to being an at home boss-lady (version 1)

  1. Still meal prep – you’re going to be busy so if you meal prep, you’ve still got a nutritious, yummy meal for lunch!
  2. Don’t wake up and IMMEDIATELY check your phone – big NONO! Find a routine that works for you – at the moment I love waking up, stretching, then reading for a bit
  3. Don’t just sit there….. all… day! I know you’re busy girl, but you gotta move!
  4. GO outside. You have the ability to work fromย anywhere!ย Don’t get house-tied and stay in at all times
  5. Drink more and more and more water. Drink lots. Don’t stop Drinking
  6. Monitor the screen time. Just because your phone’s blowing up doesn’t mean you need to be glued to it 24/7
  7. Start each day with intent: Give yourself a priority to do list and get those done FIRST. Then take a break. If you feel like it or you have the time, then tackle the rest. Otherwise you’ll never stop, and that’s NOT the point!
  8. If your man has a 2 hour lunch break and is sitting at a cafe reading… thank yourself for taking this very courageous step, and go spend some time with that handsome stud โค

What about you? Any other thoughts or rules you have in place for remembering to stay focused and productive?? I’d love to hear them ๐Ÿ˜€


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