Learning about Portion Size has changed my world!

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I’ve always been a big eater – I think I can thank my cousins for that, as it was always a race to have seconds of my auntie Maddy’s salad or my auntie Patricia’s baking….

This big appetite translated into adulthood, and before I knew it, I was way over-eating: always eating until I literally felt stuffed and bloated.

Over the years, this has led to a complicated relationship with food, where I’d overeat, then under-eat, indulge, then cut out, all with the hopes of getting rid of the icky bloat and the hanger.

It’s taken me ages, but I think I’ve discovered it!
This week launches prep-week for my Online Fitness Challenge group – I am SO excited to share with my challengers all of the tips, tricks, and recipes to understanding food, and still feeling in control.

No weighing!
No counting!
No hangry Sarahlynn

It takes the guess work out of it and makes it simple!


What is this miracle system!?

The system is called Fixate

It uses coloured containers associated with different food groups (ie red for proteins, green for … greens !) to help you visually see what portion size you should have of each food group every day.


It is the simplest system ever! No counting, or calculating… just figure out your calorie bracket

Multiply your current weight in pounds x 11. This number is your Caloric Baseline.2. Add 400 (The Fix Calorie Burn) to your Caloric Baseline. The resulting number represents your Caloric Needs to maintain your weight.3. Subtract 750 (the caloric deficit) from your Caloric Needs. This number is the Caloric Target you should eat to lose weight


Then see how many containers for that calorie bracket and Presto! You’re on your way to having easy peasy meal prep.

The Bonus:

If you’re new to meal prepping like I am, then making use of both Pinterest and the Beach Body blog is definitely a great place to get some pre-made, totally DOABLE, simple, whole foods meal plans that cater to every dietary need.

Follow my Pinterest board for some ideas 😀


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