What makes for a good work environment

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Since returning to Canada I’ve been subjected to live out the true “young entrepreneur” lifestyle of jumping from coffee shop to coffee shop in search of the one that inspires the greatest amount of creativity and productivity.

All coffee shops are not made equal

Like anything else, some have perks that others do not, while those others have positives the previous lacks…. Following me?

For example:

Salute Coffee Shop, in Sudbury is great because it has free, fruit infused water, a great atmosphere, organic and freshly made food, and consistent internet

Unfortunately, in my opinion based on the day I was there, the seats are uncomfortable for more than a few hours because the table’s too high for it to be ergonomic for me! (#shortpersonproblems) and the music was sometimes distracting as it’s a touch loud.

On the other hand

Starbucks in Sudbury is great for people watching, the background noise and pumpkin spiced lattes – plus it’s attached to the book store, Chapters, which means great inspirational breaks!

Unfortunately, the internet is unreliable at best, and the tables are a tad too small for someone like myself who likes to spread out.

So what makes the best location to work in?

Future or current coffee shop owners listen up! I’m about to disclose MY opinion on what makes a good place to attract entrepreneurs, students, writers, bloggers… anyone who wants to do work away from home.


  1. As much natural lighting as possible – I don’t want to feel like I’m in a classroom, and you don’t want me falling asleep and feeling tired… that’ll just make me leave sooner
  2. Quality, home-made, well-priced, nutrient dense food and drink options. Notice how Tim Hortons wasn’t on my list? I wouldn’t work there – I’d leave stuffed with donuts and muffins, not satisfaction of an accomplished day.
  3. A variety of seating arrangements – your clientele is going to be different, just because we all sit, stare at a computer tapping away, and live off caffeinated beverages (or most recently an amazing coffee replacement(that still tastes like coffee)!!), we’re made differently – which means some of us will be more comfortable at a table and share, others at a booth, others a tall seat so they can look out the window, and others in a comfy chair (perhaps by a fireplace… just saying)
  4. (Free) fruit infused water is always a welcomed treat
  5. Music that is at a level that can be heard, but tuned out if needed
  6. Inspiring art work is a must
  7. Plant life – did you know that natural greenery not only helps to elevate oxygen levels in the air which helps to keep people focused and alert, but it also helps ease stress and anxiety!
  8. Friendly staff – seriously, it makes all the difference!

I can go on about my dream-cafe, but I’m going to save that for when I open my own  (yup, it’s a goal of mine! So #coffeeshophoppers, stay tuned!)

What do you think guys? Did I miss anything?? What do you need in your environment to get things done?

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