No Spend Year


I read a book the other day, that talked about a lady who went 1 WHOLE YEAR without spending a dime outside of her bills and groceries….

I was like WHAT!? How on earth can someone accomplish that!?

I mean what about anniversaries, and birthdays, 
or better yet, to treat yourself with a cute new pair of leggings, or mascara
OR no dinners or movie nights out?!

I was scandalised at the thought..

But then I realised her point.

It doesn’t have to cost a dime if you’re spending quality time
PLUS you can actually find free things to do that are super entertaining!

This weekend proved it! Though the entirety of the trip into London was far from free – it was surely cheaper than usual as we spent the day strolling the Natural History Museum, London enjoying the Dinosaur exhibition as well as the getting in a selfy with my favourite mammal 

So this month we’re on a mission to cut back on expenses (lots of exciting travel plans coming up!) but still find fun things to do!

The Windsor Fringe Festival is this week,
September is National Yoga Month!
and there are tons of Fall fayres coming up !

So keep your eyes peeled, your budget low, your mind open and have some fun 🙂

*Anything you’re headed to this month? Please share 🙂

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