#Winsday :: Tip #1 for an easier, more affordable lifestyle

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Many of you know that D and I are in the process of cleaning out excess stuff, and trying to get a handle on our finances so we can maximize where we spend our money.

We’re both ambitious.
We’ve got some BIG goals.

Originally, I’d say they were BIG dreams, but since we’ve sat down and had a chat about how we can make small changes to see a great deal of reward, we’re now in the GOAL stage because we’ve set a plan!!

How exciting is that !?

I love when dreams become goals…. the only difference is whether you have a plan or not.

So while we’ve been planning, I’ve been making note of things that have really helped us so I can share them with you!

#Winsday tip #1:

This one is going to seem like a no brainer…. but it’s SO easy to overlook; so I’ll add it here as a friendly reminder to the both of us!


Here’s our menu this week :

meal plan for trial (2)

By knowing this before we even head to the grocery store, we can plan a shopping list that looks like this

Meal plan shopping list for October 1 – 5

Produce (1)

As mentioned before (here!), I’m obsessed with the Fixate program that helps me to visually see the food groups I’m putting on my plate. It’s allowed me to ensure I’ve covered all food groups so I’m getting a mix of proteins, carbs, healthy fats, and micro-nutrients!

If you’re looking for some help in making meal plans, finding recipes, or adding in some dense nutrition into your life, contact me here.



I feel like a butterfly floating from one thing to the next

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I’ve always loved butterflies; I find them magical, beautiful, intricate, and a real treat if one lands near by.

To be like a butterfly on the other hand, not so much.

Lately I feel like I’ve been all over the place; I can’t sit down for long, I’m flighty and forgetting things like turning off the oven, or dates I’ve planned with people, I leave a room to have to reenter to do what I went in there for originally.

It’s getting bad you guys!

It’s not magical, beautiful nor a real treat!

So what’s the deal?

I am SO grateful that my coaching friend, Ash, suggested that our team read a book called Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson because it has honestly been my saving grace.

It sounds silly to start blaming loss of memory and lack of focus on sleep. I know it does.

But I’ve learnt a lot listening to this book:

Did you know that:

Sleep affects not only productivity, but also weight management and overall health?

Yes of course you did. Most of us do.

But did you know it’s because when you don’t sleep, or you have poor quality sleep, your brain sends a signal that tells you it needs glucose to function properly; thinking, idea creation, social control, judgement, etc And what’s the quickest way to get glucose into your body?

Starchy, carbohydrates like doughnuts, cakes, and cookies OH MY!

So what could have prevented your late night snacking, your crazy overwhelming cravings, and yes, your flighty brain and lack of focus?


Next time you catch yourself craving a sugary sweet:
stop, breathe, and think: have I been sleeping properly lately?
if the answer is no, then you should join me in my FREE ONLINE health group and learn about how to Sleep Smarter so you can avoid those bad judgement calls.


What makes for a good work environment

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Since returning to Canada I’ve been subjected to live out the true “young entrepreneur” lifestyle of jumping from coffee shop to coffee shop in search of the one that inspires the greatest amount of creativity and productivity.

All coffee shops are not made equal

Like anything else, some have perks that others do not, while those others have positives the previous lacks…. Following me?

For example:

Salute Coffee Shop, in Sudbury is great because it has free, fruit infused water, a great atmosphere, organic and freshly made food, and consistent internet

Unfortunately, in my opinion based on the day I was there, the seats are uncomfortable for more than a few hours because the table’s too high for it to be ergonomic for me! (#shortpersonproblems) and the music was sometimes distracting as it’s a touch loud.

On the other hand

Starbucks in Sudbury is great for people watching, the background noise and pumpkin spiced lattes – plus it’s attached to the book store, Chapters, which means great inspirational breaks!

Unfortunately, the internet is unreliable at best, and the tables are a tad too small for someone like myself who likes to spread out.

So what makes the best location to work in?

Future or current coffee shop owners listen up! I’m about to disclose MY opinion on what makes a good place to attract entrepreneurs, students, writers, bloggers… anyone who wants to do work away from home.


  1. As much natural lighting as possible – I don’t want to feel like I’m in a classroom, and you don’t want me falling asleep and feeling tired… that’ll just make me leave sooner
  2. Quality, home-made, well-priced, nutrient dense food and drink options. Notice how Tim Hortons wasn’t on my list? I wouldn’t work there – I’d leave stuffed with donuts and muffins, not satisfaction of an accomplished day.
  3. A variety of seating arrangements – your clientele is going to be different, just because we all sit, stare at a computer tapping away, and live off caffeinated beverages (or most recently an amazing coffee replacement(that still tastes like coffee)!!), we’re made differently – which means some of us will be more comfortable at a table and share, others at a booth, others a tall seat so they can look out the window, and others in a comfy chair (perhaps by a fireplace… just saying)
  4. (Free) fruit infused water is always a welcomed treat
  5. Music that is at a level that can be heard, but tuned out if needed
  6. Inspiring art work is a must
  7. Plant life – did you know that natural greenery not only helps to elevate oxygen levels in the air which helps to keep people focused and alert, but it also helps ease stress and anxiety!
  8. Friendly staff – seriously, it makes all the difference!

I can go on about my dream-cafe, but I’m going to save that for when I open my own  (yup, it’s a goal of mine! So #coffeeshophoppers, stay tuned!)

What do you think guys? Did I miss anything?? What do you need in your environment to get things done?


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I want to apologise in advance for your patience with me this month. In effort to get an extended visa to live in the UK I had to return to Canada for 30 days. While I am happy to be home, and love seeing my family, friends, and spend time in some of my favourite places, I’ve struggled staying on top of my routine.

I suppose what I’m trying to say, is thank you for not judging my absence too harshly.

the good news, is since being away, I’ve gathered much inspiration for posts which I’m slowly starting to put onto paper (?) to share with you.

Two posts I’m excited to write about are:

  1. Meal prepping for 1
  2. Where is Home?

While it may take my a few days, maybe even a week to get these out, please know that I haven’t forgotten about you, I still love and appreciate your support, and I’m truly in a space that is brimming with creativity! – I just need the time, and routine to allow me to share 😉

If you are looking for more of an organic update or want to see some highlights from my trip to Canada, then please add me on FB: facebook.com/sarahlynn.patricia

Cheers x

#mondaymovement 009 :: #Kitchenworkout 002

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Happy Monday everyone!

Last week I brought to you my very first #MondayMovement kitchen-style and it was well received! Which is great because I’m still in Canada and limited with space and equipment! So here’s another #kitchenworkout to get you started for the week!
We’ll be focusing on our legs, (lunges!!), core, and glutes 😀

Let’s make it sustainable

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Beginning a new program

Starting anything new brings about a surge of emotions. From nervous to excited, to doubtful,  apprehensive, questioning, eager… I can go through each of these emotions within a split second!!

One thing I’ve learned to be SO important whenever I try something new is to introduce it into my current routine so it fits seamlessly making the transition period less agonizing.

As a creature of habit I know that any big changes need to be introduced in a way that makes going about my day easy, without too much hassle of trying to fit it in.

For instance, when I started working out 7 years ago – It was an on again off again process (I thought I would just magically feel motivated to go to the gym after a long day classes because I had decided I wanted to get fit – HA!) It wasn’t until I had made plans with a friend to meet them every second day for a workout session then dinner plans that I became consistent. The plan was two tiered. I had someone holding me accountable, and I was rewarded with the dinner after a good sweat session!

Find a way to reward yourself

One thing I’ve realised, is I am very goal oriented. If I know that there’s something I’m working for, I will give it my all, but for general reasons, or general betterment and a theoretical betterment in health.. it’s not enough to keep me on track! shock! I know!

So I’ve devised a plan to help me stay motivated, and engaged — yes I pay myself to workout… what of it!? It works! And I get cute leggings and better health… it’s a win on all fronts!

But when even that’s not enough….

Make it easy for yourself! When I decided in June to do an at-home workout program (BEST decision ever!!) I had to find ways to introduce it into my routine so it became second nature.

Here’s what I do:

  1. I plan the time for every workout – put it in my phone and once it’s in the phone, it’s a commitment!
  2. I pick out my outfit the day before (I love cute workout clothes, so this is always exciting!)
  3. I have a playlist ready!
  4. I have a pump up song from my workout playlist wake me up and act as my alarm – that way when it went off, I was signaling to my brain that it’s time to get up and MOVE!
  5. I have all equipment ready and waiting
  6. I cross off a calendar when I workout which means I get 2.00 per workout towards my active wear fund :D:D
  7. I post on social media to help keep me accountable
  8. I reward myself with my FAVOURITE breakfast of champions ❤ (post coming soon!)

Sounds easy, but it HELPS! It’s not meant to be earth shattering changes… those are hardly ever sustainable!

But making a commitment of 1 hour to include my warm up, and my workout, every 3 days, then slowly increasing until I’m at 6 days a week – that’s nothing! I can do that 😀

Making it sustainable is key!

One thing I’ve learned is that if I expect great big changes, I have to take my time, do small things CONSISTENTLY in ways that don’t feel like I’m changing my entire routine.

Because let’s face it, If I want results I’ve never had before, I have to do things I’ve never done before, and for that to happen, I need to prepare my routine to let those actions happen consistently and over a long time period.

Do you have any tips for how you ensure you can stick to your plan?




#MondayMovement 008 :: #Kitchenworkout

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Happy monday!

Here’s another awesome 3-move circuit to keep you going this week… but this week there’s a twist!

Since coming to Canada for the month, I’ve had no weights, and limited space! So I’ve had to get creative and made #kitchenworkout ! which means this workout sculpts your core, get’s your heart rate up and gives you that workout- burn WITHOUT weights and without needing more than a yoga mat’s surface area worth of space WHOOP WHOOP! 🙂




Tracking Progress of my #Fitjourney

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So Sunday my first time… ever… taking down some measurements so I can compare when I finish a program. 🙈

It was uncomfortable.

Despite being measured by my biggest supporter and best friend, I still felt judged and insecure.

To make matters more stressful, I also had to take starting photos- I literally felt naked, exposed, and so vulnerable.

But I want to know why??

This body that I’m measuring and taking photos of has spent the entire day pulling me up a 3 story climbing wall, and can hold a plank longer, do more pull-ups, and jump higher than before and yet, I’m still uncomfortable. Why?

I want to be honest with you, I think my reason is that I’m still comparing my after-dinner, poor lighting photos to the beautiful morning poses of others on social media.
Is that fair ? No!
Is it their fault? Absolutely not- many of the wonderful girls I follow are very real and transparent about their photos.
But does it happen ? Yes. Still.

So what do I do? Do I get frustrated and embarrassed by the photos and disown them? Absolutely not.
Those photos, regardless of whether I think they represent me well or not, are there for a purpose: to give me a visual reminder of my starting point and as a reminder of how much work and effort I’ve dedicated to my health. It’s the start line of a journey.

It’s not easy, but I do believe it’s worth it. If you’ve ever felt this way, or have to do your own stats, I want you to know it’s nature to feel what you’re feeling, but don’t shy away from it. This is a process, you can never go back and retake a before photo.

And always remember, we all struggle, regardless of where we are in the journey, it’s our minds that get stronger and can help us push through.
We’re in this together 👊🏻💋

We Get to Choose

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Let’s talk about choices.

Has this ever happened to you 🙋🙋🙋
You’re watching Netflix when you feel hungry wander into the kitchen while texting or going through the scroll, you grab the first convenient thing in the cupboard, bring it back to the coach, continue watching Netflix, munching a long and before you know it you’ve spent 2 hours watching mindless television and your hand has just reached the end of the chips/crisps bag …. and truth is you weren’t even hungry you were just BORED. 🤦‍♀️ sound familiar !? Don’t worry – me too!!
I’m just as guilty as anyone (swap crisps for chocolate and you have me a few months ago🙈)

Being aware

But say I was a bit more aware of my actions, and chose to make my superfoods shake instead, and instead of watching mindless television I was listening to an audio book, now they may not sound sexy or all that appealing but should it be ?
Should success be a sexy battle of waiting for greatness to be given to you?

It’s not really meant to be a sexy, appealing climb to the top – if it was then we’d all do it!!

That’s simply our IDEA of it because we’ve lost touch with reality.

The reality is, the journey to success isn’t commercially sexy at all. Success takes courage, grit, consistency, and a bunch of SMALL positive, actively made CHOICES (but if I’m honest, I think that’s kinda sexy 🙈🤓)

So what can we do !?!
Our choices define us.
So next time you’re about to mindlessly turn on the TV or spend 2 hours in the social media scroll, ask yourself: is this getting me to my WHY? Is this the most productive thing I can be doing right now ?

I know we all need a break, a rest day, a cheat day if you will – but let me ask you this – why are you choosing to rest on your goals? Cheat on your success ?

Everyday do things with intent – nothing drastic – but small, consistent, actively made choices to move you towards your dreams.
That’s how you get success 👊🏻

⭐️if you are like I was, caught up in a mindless act of choices I didn’t consciously choose, then let me know. As an online health and fitness coach, I would LOVE to help you step-by-step🤝, take back control of your life, your fitness, your dreams. ⭐️

#MondayMovement 006 :: Shoulders and Core

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Happy Monday everyone!

Here’s another 3-move #MondayMovement to help you get #motivated! All moves are inspired by the three week program that allowed me to see a transformation like THIS in just three weeks!

This one’s all about the shoulders, and helping you sculpt your abs WITHOUT doing sit ups 😀


Do each Movement 10 times (5 each arm/leg) for 5-10 rounds 😀 – it’s great for an after-workout burn!

  1. Plank up: Strong Plank position; shoulders over wrists, tight core and glutes; wide stance, try not to rock!
  2. Knee to Elbow: Strong plank position; Hips down (no bums in the air); knee touches opposite elbow, push off your toes
  3. Plank shoulder taps: Strong plank position; Shoulders over wrists, wide stance, tap opposite shoulders

Want to join me in a monthly challenge group and lose 3-5lbs in just 4 weeks, message me here and we’ll get you on the right path to SUSTAINABLE health using fitness, nutrition and accountability!

Good luck 😀