#MondayMovement 015 :: Modified Sliders workout

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Happy Monday everyone!

I am totally inspired by the new program that I’ll be following in January to do more movements that use sliders, bands and loops!

So here’s a 3 move workout you can do with sliders, OR, if you’re like me and don’t have any just yet, with slippery socks 😀

3 moves 30 seconds each, 3 x round.

Let me know how you do !

Launch your UK Fit Biz

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AHHHHH!!!! We’re launching in the UK October 18-23, 2017!!

This has been spinning around my head all week! How surreal is this! I am SO excited to be apart of this incredible launch and be a #ukfoundingcoach !! (Happy Dance)

For anyone new to this ‘launch your fit biz’ stuff here’s a quick recap:

Since working for TBB I’ve:

  • Retired from teaching (yes, I’m in my early 20s and I’ve retired from the career I went to school to pursue!)
  • I’ve earned myself a trip to Costa Rica with several other teammates (WHAAATTT!?)
  • I’ve gotten in the best shape of my life! Check it out here!
  • I’ve truly found my people…. you know the ones who just GET YOU, no fakeness, no niceties, just real; sweatyselfies, and messy hair – don’t – care kinda love
  • I’ve repaid more of my student loan then I’ve been able to while teaching!
  • I’ve helped over 80 men and women create SUSTAINABLE, totally DOABLE and life changing habits that have allowed them to reconnect with themselves and empower them to live where they appreciate and are confident in their body!
  • AND I’ve started saving money for the ‘Caravan Home’ fund I’ve always dreamed of!

So needless to say, this gig is pretty freaking awesome!

So here’s the deal!

I’m looking for men and women who are:

  • looking to add some financial freedom into their lives by working from home… or ANYWHERE with WiFi access!
  • tired of having to put on the corporate face when they’d much rather walk around in their slippers, oversized sweaters and messy hair don’t care hanging with their kiddos or furbabies
  • individuals who believe in the power of team work and are ready to help inspire, motivate and empower other men and women
  • Passionate and driven to live life by their own design
  • Proud and excited to be a part of a community that is truly about changing the world and empowering people to reconnect with their bodies and find their inner strength

Basically, I’m looking for some inspired people who are ready to break free of the normal Monday-Friday work grind and start living a life that ignites their passion and drives them to want to celebrate and pay it forward to others!

Why is next week so big?

NEXT week, October 18-23 2017, 6 of my fellow coaching teammates will be flying from North America to join me here in the UK.


Because we’re hosting TWO Launch your Fit Biz workshops and photoshoots to help our new UK coach family launch their Team Beach Body fitness and wellness business!

We know how daunting it can be to start a business, especially if you’re no expert – fear not! That’s why we’re taking the time to meet with you, connect with you, and prep you so you’re ready to be a forerunner in this MASSIVE business opportunity.

Plus! The business is all about SHARING your own fitness and nutrition journey, so it doesn’t require a special skill set other than to be passionate, motivated, and eager to see some change (both physically, mentally, and financially!!)

So here’s the low down:

1. Go all in and sign up at the launch- there’s no risk anyway with a 30 day money back guarantee and no contract!
The worst that could happen is that you get incredibly fit, try something new that you might love, and make some new friends from across the pond!
** Coach enrollment is 160 pounds and includes 30 days of Shakeology superfood smoothie, 1 year of All Access Beachbody On Demand workout library, portion control color coded containers and system.

–> COMMENT COACH if interested in more info!
2. Sign up as a coach (above) AND attend the UK founding coach workshop and photoshoot our team is offering for FREE in Birmingham on the 19th or London on the 22nd: lovelearnthrive.com/ukfitbiz

–> COMMENT COACHLND or COACHBIRM if you’re interested in more info!
3. Meet up with the US/Canadian team coming for the launch in Birmingham or London but just to hear more about coaching in person and do a group workout. lovelearnthrive.com/ukfitbiz

–> COMMENT INTERESTED if you’re keen to hear more and find out when and where we’re meeting.
4. Join our online Coach Life Apprenticeship where you can basically test coaching out for 7 days. Our team will give you 7 days of social media training and challenges so you can see what coaches really do to build a business. busygirlssociety.com/coachlife

–> COMMENT APPRENTICE to find out more info and be added to the private group!

You have nothing to lose or risk by doing any of these options- but EVERYTHING to gain. I am SO excited for you to unlock yourself from the Monday-Friday grind and truly start living a life that fuels your passions!

Any questions please email me here: passionintoaction@gmail.com


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While doing some research on the various ways D and I can both declutter our lives, and start making some changes that will allow us to reach our financial goals, I’ve come to realise that this change is very similar to that of a health or lifestyle change.

Every month I host online health and fitness challenges that focus on fitness and nutrition. During prep week I discuss the importance of identifying your #whypower which essentially translates into:

Why do you want to create a healthier lifestyle?
What will you gain from being more physically fit?
More nutritionally satisfied?
More educated on your body and how it should feel when it works at it’s optimum level?

By identifying your why, making a change becomes more manageable because you know what the long term goal is. So challengers write this down, and post it somewhere they will see it everyday or can call upon it when they’re feeling less motivated.

The same idea is throughout the many blogs and sites I’ve explored on minimalism and living frugally.

We must know WHY we are doing something, making a change, if we want it to be sustainable. By writing it down, it becomes something we can refer back to when things get tough or less desireable.

What’s my why?

I am de-cluttering my life to no longer be weighed down by materialistic possessions. I seek adventure, discovery, and freedom and know that my life in a van will not be able to happen if I’m weighed down by all of this stuff.

I want to truly uncover what means the most to me, and what truly gives me joy – not what I bought because I was under the impression that it would bring me joy.

By de-cluttering I’m giving myself permission to be more selective and take my time with purchases. Permission to be choosy with what I buy to make sure it truly fits my purpose is a great feeling of ownership and pride.

De-cluttering will also mean less frivolous spending on products that dissolve quickly into the mass of STUFF. Hence stopping the rise in clutter, but also in slowing my bank from draining.

I want to focus on long term happiness versus the fleeting moment of excitement at the till.

What’s your #whypower?

#Winsday :: Tip #1 for an easier, more affordable lifestyle

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Many of you know that D and I are in the process of cleaning out excess stuff, and trying to get a handle on our finances so we can maximize where we spend our money.

We’re both ambitious.
We’ve got some BIG goals.

Originally, I’d say they were BIG dreams, but since we’ve sat down and had a chat about how we can make small changes to see a great deal of reward, we’re now in the GOAL stage because we’ve set a plan!!

How exciting is that !?

I love when dreams become goals…. the only difference is whether you have a plan or not.

So while we’ve been planning, I’ve been making note of things that have really helped us so I can share them with you!

#Winsday tip #1:

This one is going to seem like a no brainer…. but it’s SO easy to overlook; so I’ll add it here as a friendly reminder to the both of us!


Here’s our menu this week :

meal plan for trial (2)

By knowing this before we even head to the grocery store, we can plan a shopping list that looks like this

Meal plan shopping list for October 1 – 5

Produce (1)

As mentioned before (here!), I’m obsessed with the Fixate program that helps me to visually see the food groups I’m putting on my plate. It’s allowed me to ensure I’ve covered all food groups so I’m getting a mix of proteins, carbs, healthy fats, and micro-nutrients!

If you’re looking for some help in making meal plans, finding recipes, or adding in some dense nutrition into your life, contact me here.



Disconnect to Reconnect

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This summer I took David to one of my favourite spots in the world -Manitoulin Island. What started off as a dreary, bleak day with promise of nothing but rain turned into a day of great views, sunshine, adventure, conversation… the list goes on.

How much I love the outdoors

I was reminded on this particular day the importance of stepping outside and breathing in the fresh air.

It’s not that I haven’t done this lately, it’s just that I don’t think I’ve taken the opportunity to appreciate all that it does for me.

Being outside, in the wide open spaces makes me feel FREE

It’s often where my thoughts are the most grandiose, creative, and focused on problem-solving

I feel consumed by the beauty, strength and intricacies of the world rather than fearful of all the bad we’re told by the news.

and most importantly for me,

It’s often where I find calm of mind – which for someone who is often plagued with racing thoughts and too many What Ifs to count, having a still mind is magic.


So if you haven’t gone out in a while, or if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed be it by work, or life, or decisions that are up and coming, take the time to go out. Surround yourself by greenery, listen to the birds, TOUCH the soil with your toes.

Disconnect so you can reconnect with your self.

You’ll be surprised by the answers you already have to your problems, you just need to be able to listen.




I feel like a butterfly floating from one thing to the next

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I’ve always loved butterflies; I find them magical, beautiful, intricate, and a real treat if one lands near by.

To be like a butterfly on the other hand, not so much.

Lately I feel like I’ve been all over the place; I can’t sit down for long, I’m flighty and forgetting things like turning off the oven, or dates I’ve planned with people, I leave a room to have to reenter to do what I went in there for originally.

It’s getting bad you guys!

It’s not magical, beautiful nor a real treat!

So what’s the deal?

I am SO grateful that my coaching friend, Ash, suggested that our team read a book called Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson because it has honestly been my saving grace.

It sounds silly to start blaming loss of memory and lack of focus on sleep. I know it does.

But I’ve learnt a lot listening to this book:

Did you know that:

Sleep affects not only productivity, but also weight management and overall health?

Yes of course you did. Most of us do.

But did you know it’s because when you don’t sleep, or you have poor quality sleep, your brain sends a signal that tells you it needs glucose to function properly; thinking, idea creation, social control, judgement, etc And what’s the quickest way to get glucose into your body?

Starchy, carbohydrates like doughnuts, cakes, and cookies OH MY!

So what could have prevented your late night snacking, your crazy overwhelming cravings, and yes, your flighty brain and lack of focus?


Next time you catch yourself craving a sugary sweet:
stop, breathe, and think: have I been sleeping properly lately?
if the answer is no, then you should join me in my FREE ONLINE health group and learn about how to Sleep Smarter so you can avoid those bad judgement calls.


Lessons from the Dirt Road

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A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to drive David and I through some pretty muddy trails on the quad. This would have been my first experience driving the quad outside of a backyard enclosure and I was honestly terrified that I’d flip the thing or lose control – I know, a bit dramatic, but I WAS worried!

Luckily, I breathed myself through the anxiety, told myself to get a grip, and actually had the best time splashing through massive puddles and feeling the back and forth rock as we went over big bumps (or small hills??).

Since then, I’ve gone on another ride only this time as the passenger.

Again, I was nervous… probably moreso than last time. It’s odd because I never thought this would make me uncomfortable, but my head was just spinning with everything that could go wrong:

  • the quad could tip and trap my leg
  • I could flip off the back going up a hill
  • I could flip forward going down a hill
  • The metal bit I was holding onto for dear life could come undone and I could go flying

…. honestly I sometimes wonder if I should make horror films as my brain tends to jump to these possibilities BEFORE the possibility of fun and exhilleration.

Again, thankfully, I managed to breathe myself through the anxiety and relaxed into.

Here’s what I learnt (some good parallels to life)

  1. I prefer being in the driver’s seat. I like the feeling of control and choosing which bump to attack, which to avoid
  2. If you relax into it, going over the bump doesn’t have such an impact
  3. It’s going to get muddy, you can either avoid the puddles and get dirty, or you can speed it up and blast through them enjoying the mess!
  4. Travel with someone who talks to you when you’re nervous, but helps push you outside of your comfort zone
  5. Sometimes it’s nice to let someone else take the wheel so you can explore your surroundings from a different perspective
  6. The road might be the same, but the seeing it in the dark makes it unknown territory

All in all I’d say it was a huge success! Though I haven’t grown used to it enough to no longer feel the butterflies building, but I’ve grown consistently stronger in my ability to control my anxiety and breathe through my dramatic and paranoid thoughts. Progress, not perfection !
xo Sarah-Lynn

Quadding through Life

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One of the benefits from being back in Canada is getting to indulge in all of the outdoors beauty and activities! Most recently, I’ve enjoyed quadding!

My family owned a quad when I was in my late teens, but unfortunately, I never got to experience quad-life outside of our backyard….. until now that is.

When David was visiting from the UK, my dad thought it would be a great idea to put us on a quad, and lead us through some muddy, twisting, winding roads…paths… trails (??) I was super excited, but admittedly REALLY nervous!

“Just hold tight to the handles, find a speed your comfortable at, and on a steep incline, lean forward!” were the words of advice before I put it into first gear and took off.

Thankfully, the entire trip was a SO much fun! We drove through mud trails, painting ourselves in a sleek layer of mud, and even (just barely) avoided hitting a tree (sorry David!)

And you know what, after a few minutes, I started to relax and actually ENJOY and CRAVE the speed and the adrenaline of going up steep inclines! Crazy to think I almost chickened out!

It’s just yet another reminder that sometimes, we have to embrace being uncomfortable to experience some real, out of boundaries fun!

Here’s to the next time!

What makes for a good work environment

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Since returning to Canada I’ve been subjected to live out the true “young entrepreneur” lifestyle of jumping from coffee shop to coffee shop in search of the one that inspires the greatest amount of creativity and productivity.

All coffee shops are not made equal

Like anything else, some have perks that others do not, while those others have positives the previous lacks…. Following me?

For example:

Salute Coffee Shop, in Sudbury is great because it has free, fruit infused water, a great atmosphere, organic and freshly made food, and consistent internet

Unfortunately, in my opinion based on the day I was there, the seats are uncomfortable for more than a few hours because the table’s too high for it to be ergonomic for me! (#shortpersonproblems) and the music was sometimes distracting as it’s a touch loud.

On the other hand

Starbucks in Sudbury is great for people watching, the background noise and pumpkin spiced lattes – plus it’s attached to the book store, Chapters, which means great inspirational breaks!

Unfortunately, the internet is unreliable at best, and the tables are a tad too small for someone like myself who likes to spread out.

So what makes the best location to work in?

Future or current coffee shop owners listen up! I’m about to disclose MY opinion on what makes a good place to attract entrepreneurs, students, writers, bloggers… anyone who wants to do work away from home.


  1. As much natural lighting as possible – I don’t want to feel like I’m in a classroom, and you don’t want me falling asleep and feeling tired… that’ll just make me leave sooner
  2. Quality, home-made, well-priced, nutrient dense food and drink options. Notice how Tim Hortons wasn’t on my list? I wouldn’t work there – I’d leave stuffed with donuts and muffins, not satisfaction of an accomplished day.
  3. A variety of seating arrangements – your clientele is going to be different, just because we all sit, stare at a computer tapping away, and live off caffeinated beverages (or most recently an amazing coffee replacement(that still tastes like coffee)!!), we’re made differently – which means some of us will be more comfortable at a table and share, others at a booth, others a tall seat so they can look out the window, and others in a comfy chair (perhaps by a fireplace… just saying)
  4. (Free) fruit infused water is always a welcomed treat
  5. Music that is at a level that can be heard, but tuned out if needed
  6. Inspiring art work is a must
  7. Plant life – did you know that natural greenery not only helps to elevate oxygen levels in the air which helps to keep people focused and alert, but it also helps ease stress and anxiety!
  8. Friendly staff – seriously, it makes all the difference!

I can go on about my dream-cafe, but I’m going to save that for when I open my own  (yup, it’s a goal of mine! So #coffeeshophoppers, stay tuned!)

What do you think guys? Did I miss anything?? What do you need in your environment to get things done?


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I want to apologise in advance for your patience with me this month. In effort to get an extended visa to live in the UK I had to return to Canada for 30 days. While I am happy to be home, and love seeing my family, friends, and spend time in some of my favourite places, I’ve struggled staying on top of my routine.

I suppose what I’m trying to say, is thank you for not judging my absence too harshly.

the good news, is since being away, I’ve gathered much inspiration for posts which I’m slowly starting to put onto paper (?) to share with you.

Two posts I’m excited to write about are:

  1. Meal prepping for 1
  2. Where is Home?

While it may take my a few days, maybe even a week to get these out, please know that I haven’t forgotten about you, I still love and appreciate your support, and I’m truly in a space that is brimming with creativity! – I just need the time, and routine to allow me to share 😉

If you are looking for more of an organic update or want to see some highlights from my trip to Canada, then please add me on FB: facebook.com/sarahlynn.patricia

Cheers x