#MondayMovement 006 :: Shoulders and Core

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Happy Monday everyone!

Here’s another 3-move #MondayMovement to help you get #motivated! All moves are inspired by the three week program that allowed me to see a transformation like THIS in just three weeks!

This one’s all about the shoulders, and helping you sculpt your abs WITHOUT doing sit ups πŸ˜€


Do each Movement 10 times (5 each arm/leg) for 5-10 rounds πŸ˜€ – it’s great for an after-workout burn!

  1. Plank up: Strong Plank position; shoulders over wrists, tight core and glutes; wide stance, try not to rock!
  2. Knee to Elbow: Strong plank position; Hips down (no bums in the air); knee touches opposite elbow, push off your toes
  3. Plank shoulder taps: Strong plank position; Shoulders over wrists, wide stance, tap opposite shoulders

Want to join me in a monthly challenge group and lose 3-5lbs in just 4 weeks, message me here and we’ll get you on the right path to SUSTAINABLE health using fitness, nutrition and accountability!

Good luck πŸ˜€

#MondayMovement 005

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Happy Monday all!

Hope you’re day is brilliant – here’s 3 full-body movements that’ll get you starting your week off on the right foot πŸ˜€

1- Grass Picker: *Knees not passed the toes, chest up, hamstrings parallel to ground.

2- Square Jumps: *Hurdle requires high knees and using your arms to help you with momentum; hops require landing softly with bent knees

3- Plank Hops: *Stack your shoulders on top of your wrists, nice tight core and glutes, weight through the toes


Have fun and let me know how it goes!

#MondayMovement 004

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**I think the blog was worried it’d also feel the jell-o legs if it uploaded the video – so sorry for the delay, but here it is!!**

Hi all,

Here’s a 3-move circuit that focuses on building strong legs, and a boot-ay!
Get ready to feel the jell-o legs!

Let me know what you think and how many rounds you managed! πŸ™‚


xo Sarah-Lynn

#MondayMovement 003

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Welcome to yet another Monday!

Here’s a workout that focuses on upper body: shoulders, lean strong arms, and core!

As requested, it’s strictly body weight and definitely results driven!

let me know what you think!

  1. Walking Plank Β * Strong straight back (tuck your pelvis under, suck your belly button up to your spine, shoulders stacked over wrists)
  2. Walking Crab *Weight through your heels, tight core
  3. Super man/ Super woman Plank *Plank position, looking forward, feet wide so your hips don’t rock

Let me know how it goes πŸ™‚

xo Sarah-Lynn