#mondaymovement 009 :: #Kitchenworkout 002

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Happy Monday everyone!

Last week I brought to you my very first #MondayMovement kitchen-style and it was well received! Which is great because I’m still in Canada and limited with space and equipment! So here’s another #kitchenworkout to get you started for the week!
We’ll be focusing on our legs, (lunges!!), core, and glutes 😀

Let’s make it sustainable

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Beginning a new program

Starting anything new brings about a surge of emotions. From nervous to excited, to doubtful,  apprehensive, questioning, eager… I can go through each of these emotions within a split second!!

One thing I’ve learned to be SO important whenever I try something new is to introduce it into my current routine so it fits seamlessly making the transition period less agonizing.

As a creature of habit I know that any big changes need to be introduced in a way that makes going about my day easy, without too much hassle of trying to fit it in.

For instance, when I started working out 7 years ago – It was an on again off again process (I thought I would just magically feel motivated to go to the gym after a long day classes because I had decided I wanted to get fit – HA!) It wasn’t until I had made plans with a friend to meet them every second day for a workout session then dinner plans that I became consistent. The plan was two tiered. I had someone holding me accountable, and I was rewarded with the dinner after a good sweat session!

Find a way to reward yourself

One thing I’ve realised, is I am very goal oriented. If I know that there’s something I’m working for, I will give it my all, but for general reasons, or general betterment and a theoretical betterment in health.. it’s not enough to keep me on track! shock! I know!

So I’ve devised a plan to help me stay motivated, and engaged — yes I pay myself to workout… what of it!? It works! And I get cute leggings and better health… it’s a win on all fronts!

But when even that’s not enough….

Make it easy for yourself! When I decided in June to do an at-home workout program (BEST decision ever!!) I had to find ways to introduce it into my routine so it became second nature.

Here’s what I do:

  1. I plan the time for every workout – put it in my phone and once it’s in the phone, it’s a commitment!
  2. I pick out my outfit the day before (I love cute workout clothes, so this is always exciting!)
  3. I have a playlist ready!
  4. I have a pump up song from my workout playlist wake me up and act as my alarm – that way when it went off, I was signaling to my brain that it’s time to get up and MOVE!
  5. I have all equipment ready and waiting
  6. I cross off a calendar when I workout which means I get 2.00 per workout towards my active wear fund :D:D
  7. I post on social media to help keep me accountable
  8. I reward myself with my FAVOURITE breakfast of champions ❤ (post coming soon!)

Sounds easy, but it HELPS! It’s not meant to be earth shattering changes… those are hardly ever sustainable!

But making a commitment of 1 hour to include my warm up, and my workout, every 3 days, then slowly increasing until I’m at 6 days a week – that’s nothing! I can do that 😀

Making it sustainable is key!

One thing I’ve learned is that if I expect great big changes, I have to take my time, do small things CONSISTENTLY in ways that don’t feel like I’m changing my entire routine.

Because let’s face it, If I want results I’ve never had before, I have to do things I’ve never done before, and for that to happen, I need to prepare my routine to let those actions happen consistently and over a long time period.

Do you have any tips for how you ensure you can stick to your plan?




#MondayMovement 008 :: #Kitchenworkout

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Happy monday!

Here’s another awesome 3-move circuit to keep you going this week… but this week there’s a twist!

Since coming to Canada for the month, I’ve had no weights, and limited space! So I’ve had to get creative and made #kitchenworkout ! which means this workout sculpts your core, get’s your heart rate up and gives you that workout- burn WITHOUT weights and without needing more than a yoga mat’s surface area worth of space WHOOP WHOOP! 🙂




#MondayMovement 005

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Happy Monday all!

Hope you’re day is brilliant – here’s 3 full-body movements that’ll get you starting your week off on the right foot 😀

1- Grass Picker: *Knees not passed the toes, chest up, hamstrings parallel to ground.

2- Square Jumps: *Hurdle requires high knees and using your arms to help you with momentum; hops require landing softly with bent knees

3- Plank Hops: *Stack your shoulders on top of your wrists, nice tight core and glutes, weight through the toes


Have fun and let me know how it goes!

I have a Dream

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I have a dream.

I have a dream that every child will have equal opportunity to be educated on how to improve our mental health.

I have a dream that every child will have equal opportunity to be educated on good, wholesome, unbiased nutrition habits.

I have a dream that every child will have equal opportunity to be educated on how to be critical thinkers and imaginative doers.

I have a dream that every child will learn beyond curriculum standards and more about life.

I have a dream.

I’m on a journey to making it happen.


In September I took a month off of teaching and invested my time in creating Inspire, a project that teaches children about mental, physical and emotional well-being through Art, Cookery, Yoga/Sport, Performing Arts, and Science.

It’s been an uphill battle but it’s been so worth it.

This week I am leading a Summer Camp that includes:

  • painting canvases
  • making no-bake energy balls (recipe to follow)
  • creating dance routines
  • obstacle courses
  • balloon animal making
  • Tie-Dying

and so much more!

I’m over the moon with this opportunity to share in these moments and provide children with the opportunity to learn and grow as communicators, problem solvers, critical thinkers, doers, and leaders.

You don’t have to be an expert to make an impact.
Just start.
Results will follow.

What are you doing this week that’s towards your goals??

xo Sarah-Lynn

Get up and MOVE

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All I want to do is Dance, Dance, Dance!

And that’s no exaggeration! I truly do miss dancing being apart of my daily life.

Not too long ago I was speaking to my BFF and she said she uses dancing to get her cardio in.

I was like “Giiirrrlll”

I was stumped. Why hadn’t I thought of that!?

Of course it’s great cardio!!

So before long, I found my rhythm again and now, I dance every morning as a means to wake up with a smile on my face, and start the day off right by doing something good for my body!!

So simple, but SO effective.

Plus, when I was training for the Ultra White Collar Boxing match in April, this would have been much preferred fasted cardio than the HIIT sessions I was doing at silly o’clock in the morning!

So what do you say? You don’t even have to be GREAT – heck, you don’t even have to be GOOD.

That’s not the point!!

The point is you get off your tush,
get the blood pumping,
release some feel good endorphins,
put a smile on your face and
CONNECT with your body!

So, let’s dance shall we,

Cue music



#FailFriday //Learning to Accept my Starting Point

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Happy Friday!

I know you’ve all been highly anticipating the very first #failfriday video from this week’s workout. (I promise, it’s a good one!)

But I’m going to have to ask you to wait a moment longer; I’d like to explain what #failfriday is, and why I’m determined to stick to it.

Aside from being an obvious day to release humiliating funny videos of past failures, it’s also a day to CELEBRATE!

With the onslaught of social media, we often forget how human we all are.
We’re constantly bombarded with images of perfect posing, a good lighting, and exciting background. It’s far too easy to forget that what we see is constructed perfection.

Now as someone moving to a social media platform to express my values and explore my passions, I understand that it’s a visual platform that requires a certain air of aesthetic – I can’t argue that good posing, lighting and backgrounds get the most likes and shares.

But too often we’re fed the perfect narrative – the character that has a few flaws, but within the space of 40 minutes transforms themself, and becomes the hero – and YOU CAN TOO by following this “3 minute circuit to a sensational booty” routine (eye-roll).

We’re forgetting to show the struggle, the grind, the hustle, the truthness!

So, for this reason, I’m determined to stay true to you. You’re here to get to know me, and I’m here to share with you my jourmey and I intend to do so without turning a blind eye to the fails.


Because it’s funny.

Because it makes you smile.

Because it makes us HUMAN.

Because it reminds you that no matter where you are in your journey, success is only one attempt more away from failure.

So with that being said,

Let’s #failforward shall we?

xo Sarah-Lynn


*If you like what you see, then please comment and share so more people can smile on this, #FailFriday

*It’s also a growing hashtag on IG! So join us as we celebrate humanisms and the journey!







No Ego in Fitness

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Today, Mr. T and I took the opportunity of being in Devon to head to the beach for our workout.
When I got there, I was mesmerized by the view – I truly love it here!

I suggested that we do some workout videos that I could post as I’m working on a new blog series (yay!!).

After what felt like the 50th attempt, I still wasn’t satisfied.

The video looked…… well I still can’t explain what I didn’t like…. but it didn’t match the vision I had in my head.

So I was admittedly becoming quite frustrated.

Why couldn’t I look graceful, strong, powerful; jump higher, chest up straighter, do things quicker….

And before long, my beautiful experience at the beach was taking a downward turn. I was so wrapped up in my negative self-talk that I started to forget where I was, and how lucky I was to be there, and how I should be celebrating the fact that I have a body that I’ve taken care of and am training to push boundaries.

Then, it hit me.

Well, more so, I hit the sand. Face first.

I didn’t want to leave with videos I wasn’t convinced were “perfect”, so I suggested doing  the crow-plank combo I’ve been working on.

Well, within moments of putting myself into formation, I was lying flat on the ground, face in sand.

Immediately, I burst out laughing.

And then I realised…. no matter how hard you practice, your body will always have good and bad days, strengths and weaknesses.

So, on Monday, I’m going to post the movement videos regardless because a) the movements make a good tabata option, are challenging in their own right; and b) because if I’m going to preach about going after my passions, regardless of how difficult or silly or how sandy I get, then I’m going to post these videos – even the imperfect ones… because in their own way, they are perfect in capturing where I am right now.

**Stay tuned for the posting of this epic fail, on #FailFridays