Tracking Progress of my #Fitjourney

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So Sunday my first time… ever… taking down some measurements so I can compare when I finish a program. 🙈

It was uncomfortable.

Despite being measured by my biggest supporter and best friend, I still felt judged and insecure.

To make matters more stressful, I also had to take starting photos- I literally felt naked, exposed, and so vulnerable.

But I want to know why??

This body that I’m measuring and taking photos of has spent the entire day pulling me up a 3 story climbing wall, and can hold a plank longer, do more pull-ups, and jump higher than before and yet, I’m still uncomfortable. Why?

I want to be honest with you, I think my reason is that I’m still comparing my after-dinner, poor lighting photos to the beautiful morning poses of others on social media.
Is that fair ? No!
Is it their fault? Absolutely not- many of the wonderful girls I follow are very real and transparent about their photos.
But does it happen ? Yes. Still.

So what do I do? Do I get frustrated and embarrassed by the photos and disown them? Absolutely not.
Those photos, regardless of whether I think they represent me well or not, are there for a purpose: to give me a visual reminder of my starting point and as a reminder of how much work and effort I’ve dedicated to my health. It’s the start line of a journey.

It’s not easy, but I do believe it’s worth it. If you’ve ever felt this way, or have to do your own stats, I want you to know it’s nature to feel what you’re feeling, but don’t shy away from it. This is a process, you can never go back and retake a before photo.

And always remember, we all struggle, regardless of where we are in the journey, it’s our minds that get stronger and can help us push through.
We’re in this together 👊🏻💋

We Get to Choose

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Let’s talk about choices.

Has this ever happened to you 🙋🙋🙋
You’re watching Netflix when you feel hungry wander into the kitchen while texting or going through the scroll, you grab the first convenient thing in the cupboard, bring it back to the coach, continue watching Netflix, munching a long and before you know it you’ve spent 2 hours watching mindless television and your hand has just reached the end of the chips/crisps bag …. and truth is you weren’t even hungry you were just BORED. 🤦‍♀️ sound familiar !? Don’t worry – me too!!
I’m just as guilty as anyone (swap crisps for chocolate and you have me a few months ago🙈)

Being aware

But say I was a bit more aware of my actions, and chose to make my superfoods shake instead, and instead of watching mindless television I was listening to an audio book, now they may not sound sexy or all that appealing but should it be ?
Should success be a sexy battle of waiting for greatness to be given to you?

It’s not really meant to be a sexy, appealing climb to the top – if it was then we’d all do it!!

That’s simply our IDEA of it because we’ve lost touch with reality.

The reality is, the journey to success isn’t commercially sexy at all. Success takes courage, grit, consistency, and a bunch of SMALL positive, actively made CHOICES (but if I’m honest, I think that’s kinda sexy 🙈🤓)

So what can we do !?!
Our choices define us.
So next time you’re about to mindlessly turn on the TV or spend 2 hours in the social media scroll, ask yourself: is this getting me to my WHY? Is this the most productive thing I can be doing right now ?

I know we all need a break, a rest day, a cheat day if you will – but let me ask you this – why are you choosing to rest on your goals? Cheat on your success ?

Everyday do things with intent – nothing drastic – but small, consistent, actively made choices to move you towards your dreams.
That’s how you get success 👊🏻

⭐️if you are like I was, caught up in a mindless act of choices I didn’t consciously choose, then let me know. As an online health and fitness coach, I would LOVE to help you step-by-step🤝, take back control of your life, your fitness, your dreams. ⭐️

Learning about Portion Size has changed my world!

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I’ve always been a big eater – I think I can thank my cousins for that, as it was always a race to have seconds of my auntie Maddy’s salad or my auntie Patricia’s baking….

This big appetite translated into adulthood, and before I knew it, I was way over-eating: always eating until I literally felt stuffed and bloated.

Over the years, this has led to a complicated relationship with food, where I’d overeat, then under-eat, indulge, then cut out, all with the hopes of getting rid of the icky bloat and the hanger.

It’s taken me ages, but I think I’ve discovered it!
This week launches prep-week for my Online Fitness Challenge group – I am SO excited to share with my challengers all of the tips, tricks, and recipes to understanding food, and still feeling in control.

No weighing!
No counting!
No hangry Sarahlynn

It takes the guess work out of it and makes it simple!


What is this miracle system!?

The system is called Fixate

It uses coloured containers associated with different food groups (ie red for proteins, green for … greens !) to help you visually see what portion size you should have of each food group every day.


It is the simplest system ever! No counting, or calculating… just figure out your calorie bracket

Multiply your current weight in pounds x 11. This number is your Caloric Baseline.2. Add 400 (The Fix Calorie Burn) to your Caloric Baseline. The resulting number represents your Caloric Needs to maintain your weight.3. Subtract 750 (the caloric deficit) from your Caloric Needs. This number is the Caloric Target you should eat to lose weight


Then see how many containers for that calorie bracket and Presto! You’re on your way to having easy peasy meal prep.

The Bonus:

If you’re new to meal prepping like I am, then making use of both Pinterest and the Beach Body blog is definitely a great place to get some pre-made, totally DOABLE, simple, whole foods meal plans that cater to every dietary need.

Follow my Pinterest board for some ideas 😀


#MondayMovement 005

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Happy Monday all!

Hope you’re day is brilliant – here’s 3 full-body movements that’ll get you starting your week off on the right foot 😀

1- Grass Picker: *Knees not passed the toes, chest up, hamstrings parallel to ground.

2- Square Jumps: *Hurdle requires high knees and using your arms to help you with momentum; hops require landing softly with bent knees

3- Plank Hops: *Stack your shoulders on top of your wrists, nice tight core and glutes, weight through the toes


Have fun and let me know how it goes!

Find your tribe

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Find a group who will push you, encourage you, support you, motivate you. Find your tribe.


In November I decided one of my goals was to do a handstand… My last video was in June, and I still had trouble kicking up to David’s patient hands.

Fast forward to the last week of July (I haven’t practised since my last attempt in June) when I spent 5 days at my Inspire camp with a group of children who were OBSESSED with gymnastics AND who knew my goal.

Within a day, I was able to kick off on my own.
By the end of the week I had both feet going in the air!

And now, with only a few extra days of practice I’m much stronger and much more confident.

If you watch my story, you’ll see that I still haven’t managed to hold myself up there for more than a split second, and I’m not completely straight yet,

But you guys the progress is what matters!! And honestly – without that week of being surrounded by people obsessed with my goal, supportive of my level, happy and encouraging, I doubt I’d be sitting here proudly sharing this progress picture with you.

Your tribesmen/tribeswomen are YOUR kinda people. The ones who acknowledge your goals, see the power in them, and help you to stay obsessed and motivated when you otherwise aren’t sure you’d be able to.

Team work makes the Dream work 

Have you found your tribes-people yet? If there’s anything I can do – let me know 😀

#MondayMovement 004

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**I think the blog was worried it’d also feel the jell-o legs if it uploaded the video – so sorry for the delay, but here it is!!**

Hi all,

Here’s a 3-move circuit that focuses on building strong legs, and a boot-ay!
Get ready to feel the jell-o legs!

Let me know what you think and how many rounds you managed! 🙂


xo Sarah-Lynn

Busting the I Don’t Have Time Excuse

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Just a quick note on how I’m working to bust the “I have no time” excuse when it comes to health and fitness. I’d love to hear what you do!!

“I have no time”

I’ve used it before.
I’m sure you’ve used it before.

We all have!

Why? Because at the end of the day, prioritising other people is something that humans naturally do. So often, our own health falls to the wayside as we expend our energy helping others, ticking other people’s boxes and getting them further ahead. And at the end of the day, we are left with no energy or motivation for ourselves. Thus, it’s easier just to start off with an “I don’t have time” excuse rather than put it on the never ending list and never see it get crossed off.

The catalyst:

Last term I was juggling quite a bit from normal teaching responsibilities, to tutoring, training for my first Boxing tournament, working at a gym…. honestly the list sometimes felt endless, and the days dragged long into the evening hours when dinner was sometimes eaten at 10pm.

During this time, I was an avid user of this “I don’t have time” excuse.
Luckily, because my motivation to train for the boxing tournament was stronger than my exhaustion, I usually managed to pull through.

But I won’t always have a boxing tournament I’m training for to push me to train regardless of feeling lethargic and only having eyes for my pillows.

So what can I do to stay active and not get caught up in a crazy-train downward spiral….

“oh no, what have I done!? This fitness break was only meant to be for a few days, but it’s been months since I’ve trained properly and I feel like I’ve lost all of my progress, and now I’m embarrassed to go back because the front desk receptionist will note that she hasn’t seen me in a while and ask if I’ve been on holiday, and when I go to pick up my normal weight, it’ll be so heavy it’ll rip my arm off, and no – it really is just best that I not work out today – I can’t face this today”


Sound familiar or is it just me???

Using your weakness

But then I realised something. I hate letting other people down (It’s why prioritising someone else’s deadlines and tasks is often easier than staying committed to myself and my health)

But by realising this, I was able to use it to my advantage. So I made plans nearly everyday to workout with someone. Sometimes it was boxing related and it was attending the training class, sometimes it was sparring, and other times it was just to have a training session with Mr. T because we hadn’t trained together in awhile.

But by having someone counting on me to show up, I was much better prepared to pull up my socks, splash some water in my face, and get on with it!

Requirement: I need help staying accountable, motivated and committed.

Action Plan: Join classes and online fitness accountability groups (more on these amazing life changers coming!!)

Get competitive

Another trick I’ve developed is becoming competitive with myself. 

Before I left University I was able to do clapping pressups… You know the one where you start in plank, go down into a press up then spring into the air and clap your hands…. Ya that one!!
But as the old adage goes, if you don’t use it, you lose it.

And by the time I moved to England I couldn’t even do 1 press up.

Talk about a knock to the self-confidence.

But instead of letting it get to me (for too long), I used this as a challenge.

And every morning, I would get out of bed and immediately drop to the floor – I kid you not, usually my eyes were half-closed – and do as many push ups as possible.

At first, I struggled for one.

then 2.

then 5.

and gradually, I could do more and more!

And guess who can do the clapping push up again! That’s right.

So it doesn’t take ALOT.


A little bribery goes a long way

I have a confession:

I love leggings. It’s a true addiction, I just can’t help it! I love how comfortable they are and I love how great a new pair of leggings truly makes me feel fierce and confident which translates into my training!

But who needs 17 pairs of leggings if you don’t USE them properly.
So I’ve started a system. It may sound silly, but it’s totally working!

It’s the classic dangling a carrot act which means I’m showing myself something really appealing in order to motivate myself…

So because I’m doing a 3-week programme, I wrote 21 – 1 down the side of a page that sits near my bedside. Every day that I complete a workout, I cross off the day. It’s like a Christmas Calendar because every day I’m working out, I’m getting closer to earning money towards a new pair of leggings!!

So day one is 5.00 because it’s a tough thing to do, to start! Then I’ve assigned different denominations to each day depending on my schedule. For example Thursdays and Saturdays are really busy for me, so those days are worth more than a Monday – But every day counts because the end goal is to have as much money as possible to go towards a new pair of leggings!

And you know what, I’ve earned two pairs of leggings in the last 2.5 months because I’ve managed to stick to my routine and stay accountable. So it’s clearly working1

Action Plan

Now moving forward, I know that busy days are going to be a reality, and sometimes I literally won’t have the time. But my plan is

A) to stay as proactive as possible by scheduling myself into online accountability                   groups, classes, and workouts with friends.

B) to challenge myself with a movement every week and complete it every
morning as soon as I wake up before I tackle anything else.

C) to invest in myself – If a physical article is what my brain needs to get me into my running shoes and pushing play on my workout video every day, then I’m okay with that. Because I know that like my body, my mind needs to be trained too. 

And if I’m honest, I don’t want to deal with the guilt and stress that comes to me from not working out. I’d much rather know that I have a system set in place that gives me peace of mind that I’m still putting myself and my health first every day  – even if that means waking up and dancing to a few songs before I go eat.

Consistency is the secret to Success.

What’s your way of staying consistent!?

xo Sarah-Lynn




I have a Dream

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I have a dream.

I have a dream that every child will have equal opportunity to be educated on how to improve our mental health.

I have a dream that every child will have equal opportunity to be educated on good, wholesome, unbiased nutrition habits.

I have a dream that every child will have equal opportunity to be educated on how to be critical thinkers and imaginative doers.

I have a dream that every child will learn beyond curriculum standards and more about life.

I have a dream.

I’m on a journey to making it happen.


In September I took a month off of teaching and invested my time in creating Inspire, a project that teaches children about mental, physical and emotional well-being through Art, Cookery, Yoga/Sport, Performing Arts, and Science.

It’s been an uphill battle but it’s been so worth it.

This week I am leading a Summer Camp that includes:

  • painting canvases
  • making no-bake energy balls (recipe to follow)
  • creating dance routines
  • obstacle courses
  • balloon animal making
  • Tie-Dying

and so much more!

I’m over the moon with this opportunity to share in these moments and provide children with the opportunity to learn and grow as communicators, problem solvers, critical thinkers, doers, and leaders.

You don’t have to be an expert to make an impact.
Just start.
Results will follow.

What are you doing this week that’s towards your goals??

xo Sarah-Lynn

#MondayMovement 003

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Welcome to yet another Monday!

Here’s a workout that focuses on upper body: shoulders, lean strong arms, and core!

As requested, it’s strictly body weight and definitely results driven!

let me know what you think!

  1. Walking Plank  * Strong straight back (tuck your pelvis under, suck your belly button up to your spine, shoulders stacked over wrists)
  2. Walking Crab *Weight through your heels, tight core
  3. Super man/ Super woman Plank *Plank position, looking forward, feet wide so your hips don’t rock

Let me know how it goes 🙂

xo Sarah-Lynn