Reflecting on the No Spend week


So tomorrow brings the close to my first No Spend Week as inspired by Melissa McGagh and her No Spend Year!

Goodness! I thought it would be super duper easy, and not at all a challenge.

While on the whole, it wasn’t really a big deal, it definitely made some days more difficult than others.

The tough bit

Since starting up as an online health and wellness coach , D and I have been spending a lot more time going to various cafes in town. Which has been GREAT. It gets us both out of the house, provides a stimulating environment, and helps us separate work-life from home-life.

The trouble is, who walks into a cafe and buys nothing? No one!
Who walks into a cafe and has the will power to saying no to their home-made-deliciously-yummy-oh-so-tempting cakes!? No one!

So we either went in, and ordered water which was cheeky to say the least, or I spent a lot more time working at home. And when it came to the cake bit… I had to use a lot of will power, and ended up baking way more than usual.

On the flip side,

doing this No Spend Week has been fun as it’s given D and I the want to be more flexible with our schedules.

While we normally don’t go out during the week as D is up at 5am (and I’m slowly starting to repair my sleep pattern to join him), we’ve managed to sneak in a few mid-week dates that we likely wouldn’t have done before – but because they were free and we were keen to stay on track and not be tempted to walk to GoGos for some yummy cocktails… we went!

That free event was a motivational talk about an Autistic Person’s journey through life, and how they have succeeded not despite being autistic but BECAUSE they are so.

It was incredibly inspiring, and a great way to spend the evening.

The takeaway

So I’ve gone through the bank statements…. and I don’t see anything.

What do you mean? You avoided 3 hot beverages, the urge to shop and go get a leather jacket AND a pair of jeans, you said no to the yummy-delicious cakes, you didn’t go to GoGos for cocktails…. You’ve saved tons this week!

Only… I didn’t, not really. I didn’t save anything because I didn’t put any money aside to be put into savings. I’ve just left it in my bank, and put off these things to spend money on until next week.

The adjustment

It’s time I get real.

If I want to reach my financial goals then I have to start making some real changes – not just putting off those small purchases for a week; that won’t make a real difference.

I’ve spoken to many people about it, and I’ve done quite a bit of research and here’s what I’ve found and what I plan to do:

  1. Have a weekly budget
  2. Work with cash only – let’s you see the money physically depleting
  3. When it’s gone, it’s gone!
  5. While I’m going through and recycling/getting rid of a lot of our stuff, see what I can sell, and take the time to put it up.
  6. Whatever is leftover at the end of the week goes STRAIGHT into a savings account
  7. Have automatic withdrawals from your main account to your various savings
  8. Put up a board of what you’re saving for so you don’t lose sight

And most importantly of all, Remember:

Buying something new, yes, will give you a thrill; but it will not bring you happiness, not long lasting happiness any way. So ask yourself before you purchase, is it a NEED or is it a WANT?


I’m dying to hear what you’ve done to help you save x

Happy saving.

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#MondayMovement 012 :: #Kitchenworkout

If I’ve learnt anything recently, it’s that size doesn’t depict functionality.
No jokes here !
Just because a room is smaller doesn’t mean it limits your ability to work out, get a good sweat on, nor to build strength, endurance, and muscle.
It’s all about how creative you can get, and how motivated you are to see results.
Don’t let circumstance define your success.


Want to join me in a monthly challenge group and lose 3-5lbs in just 4 weeks, message me here and we’ll get you on the right path to SUSTAINABLE health using fitness, nutrition and accountability!

Good luck 😀

#mondaymovement 009 :: #Kitchenworkout 002

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Happy Monday everyone!

Last week I brought to you my very first #MondayMovement kitchen-style and it was well received! Which is great because I’m still in Canada and limited with space and equipment! So here’s another #kitchenworkout to get you started for the week!
We’ll be focusing on our legs, (lunges!!), core, and glutes 😀

Get up and MOVE

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All I want to do is Dance, Dance, Dance!

And that’s no exaggeration! I truly do miss dancing being apart of my daily life.

Not too long ago I was speaking to my BFF and she said she uses dancing to get her cardio in.

I was like “Giiirrrlll”

I was stumped. Why hadn’t I thought of that!?

Of course it’s great cardio!!

So before long, I found my rhythm again and now, I dance every morning as a means to wake up with a smile on my face, and start the day off right by doing something good for my body!!

So simple, but SO effective.

Plus, when I was training for the Ultra White Collar Boxing match in April, this would have been much preferred fasted cardio than the HIIT sessions I was doing at silly o’clock in the morning!

So what do you say? You don’t even have to be GREAT – heck, you don’t even have to be GOOD.

That’s not the point!!

The point is you get off your tush,
get the blood pumping,
release some feel good endorphins,
put a smile on your face and
CONNECT with your body!

So, let’s dance shall we,

Cue music



No Ego in Fitness

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Today, Mr. T and I took the opportunity of being in Devon to head to the beach for our workout.
When I got there, I was mesmerized by the view – I truly love it here!

I suggested that we do some workout videos that I could post as I’m working on a new blog series (yay!!).

After what felt like the 50th attempt, I still wasn’t satisfied.

The video looked…… well I still can’t explain what I didn’t like…. but it didn’t match the vision I had in my head.

So I was admittedly becoming quite frustrated.

Why couldn’t I look graceful, strong, powerful; jump higher, chest up straighter, do things quicker….

And before long, my beautiful experience at the beach was taking a downward turn. I was so wrapped up in my negative self-talk that I started to forget where I was, and how lucky I was to be there, and how I should be celebrating the fact that I have a body that I’ve taken care of and am training to push boundaries.

Then, it hit me.

Well, more so, I hit the sand. Face first.

I didn’t want to leave with videos I wasn’t convinced were “perfect”, so I suggested doing  the crow-plank combo I’ve been working on.

Well, within moments of putting myself into formation, I was lying flat on the ground, face in sand.

Immediately, I burst out laughing.

And then I realised…. no matter how hard you practice, your body will always have good and bad days, strengths and weaknesses.

So, on Monday, I’m going to post the movement videos regardless because a) the movements make a good tabata option, are challenging in their own right; and b) because if I’m going to preach about going after my passions, regardless of how difficult or silly or how sandy I get, then I’m going to post these videos – even the imperfect ones… because in their own way, they are perfect in capturing where I am right now.

**Stay tuned for the posting of this epic fail, on #FailFridays